Oko Creations Mama Cloth (And Giveaway!)

I have, as of late, been on a quest to have a greener period.  And a more comfortable period.  Sure, some of my attempts have been a momentous fail… but using Oko Creations mama cloth has been the closest I’ve ever been to having a happy period.

I’m going to blame Maman Loup for this one.  She’s been talking about how amazing Oko Creations is for a variety of reasons, and she convinced me to give them a try.  So Oko Creations sent me some samples to try them out so I could give you guys my complete, honest, and unbiased opinion.  Before I’d even received them, I was pretty darned stoked.

Oko Creations is Canadian

I have an infinite preference for products made in Canada and the US.  It guarantees that I will be spending my money on products that are ethically made in a country where workers are protected from unfair labor practices.  I know that the products will be well made in a safe environment. [Read more…]

Greener Period – I’ll Never Go Back to Disposable Pads

Ever since Cozy Bums Diapers (my local dealer) got in cloth pads, I’ve been happier with having a greener period.  Even though my attempt at the Diva Cup was a rather unpleasant fail, I’m still happier with avoiding the “feminine hygiene product” aisle at Costco or the grocery store.

I have discovered… cloth pads.

I’ve played with a few varieties.  There are some that I like.  There are some that I can’t stand.  But even the worst of them are still more comfortable for me than disposable pads.  So why do I love them?

Warning: this post just might be TMI.  But for Pete’s sake, it’s about menstruation.  With such an obviously TMI topic, it stands to reason that the post itself just might be TMI, as well.

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Lunapads PostPartum Pad Review

Lunapads Review- Cloth Diapering Again

I was sent items in exchange for my honest opinions.  My experience may differ from yours.

Lunapads Review- Cloth Diapering Again [Read more…]