DivaCup- Real Reasons to Ditch Tampons

I was not paid for this review, though I did receive a DivaCup to facilitate this review. This is my personal and honest experience and opinion.

I knew about cloth diapering long before I knew about reusable options for menses. I really wish I would have known about them sooner! You’ve got sponges, cloth pads, cups, and probably others that I have not heard of yet. I used cloth pads part-time right after I had Little Man, but I’m really not a pad girl. I really hate the feel of something bulky in my undies (yeah, go ahead and make jokes). I had to wait to get my period again (over a year, thank goodness!) before I could try a cup. I was so excited to try one! I bought another brand the day after I started again and struggled with it for several months before Diva sent me a cup to review. The other brand is a good brand, it just did not work for me (yes, sometimes a cup will not work for you, so you might have to try another one). DivaCup really saved my period! It was such a relief to not have leaks. I did use tampons for one day and was vividly reminded of why I wanted to ditch them.

DivaCup- Real Reasons to Ditch Tampons- Cloth Diaper Addicts

No strings.

Menstrual cups don’t have strings that hang out of your underwear, get lost in your crevices, or pulled on when you wipe (if you leave it in while you potty). I hated digging for that string. Talk about a gross scavenger hunt. The DivaCup does have a little stem that you can trim as short as you need. You might want to, because it can poke you and be uncomfortable if you leave it long.

Easy to get out.

Just reach in and pull out, keeping it upright so you don’t spill it all over your hand. And you don’t have to worry about using the right absorbency! You can pull the cup out easily whether there’s a little blood or lots of it. I don’t have to worry about the joys of thinking I need a super tampon and only needing a pantiliner or not needing one at all. Oh my gosh, that is torture to pull out a dry or mostly dry tampon! I actually ripped one in half trying to get the darn thing out. Twice! Oh yeah, had to go fishing. Cups don’t mess with your natural lube, unlike a tampon which absorbs everything. It does take a little getting used to, but after I ripped that tampon in half, I was not complaining. Definitely not. Cups simply collect the blood. It did take me a little bit to get used to still feeling a little damp (not from leaking, from my normal vaginal secretions).

No worry about having the right absorbency.

This kind of ties in with the easy to get out part. Like I mentioned, I thought I needed a super plus or super tampon and it turned out I only needed a light in one instance and had stopped in the other. Yes, no buying variety boxes or multiple boxes! One cup through your whole cycle. During your heavy days, you just empty it more often. On your light day/s, you might be able to leave it in up to 12 hours. Personally, most of my period I have to change every two to three hours. And use a  nighttime pad at night or get up in the middle of the night to empty it. I’ll admit, I just slap an overnight pad in my underwear to catch any leaks until I wake up in the morning. I love not having to worry about using the right absorbency, especially since sometimes my period will stop for the night or a whole 24 hours before resuming again (this usually happens at the end).

No budgeting for tampons each month and having your fingers crossed that you have them when you need them.

Cups are a one time (well, you might want to replace it eventually) purchase. DivaCups come with a little fabric pouch to store it in. Just toss it in your purse when it’s around that time of the month. And since menstrual cups are reusable, you’ll always have one. Keep it in your purse or the bathroom and it’ll be there when you need it.

The DivaCup

What’s the DivaCup like? It’s pretty awesome. I’ll admit, it’s not been perfectly smooth sailing, but it’s been so much better than using tampons. You can read DivaCup’s instructions on their site.

The DivaCup is made out of healthcare grade silicon. It’s a softer silicon, so it’s very easy to fold and molds to your vagina’s shape. Sometimes I’ve had a hard time getting it to open, but I just take it out, refold, and reinsert. I use the pushdown fold, as you can see on DivaCup’s How it Works page. I don’t push the rim all the way down, just to about halfway. The DivaCup comes with a little cotton bag to store it in. Of course instructions also come in the box. And all you need to clean it is either the DivaWash or a mild, unscented, oil-free soap.

Why not switch?

Seriously, I can’t think of a good reason not to switch. Unless you’re someone who prefers pads. In that case, I recommend checking out cloth pads. The DivaCup truly is awesome! You can check out DivaCup’s website by clicking on their logo below and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. You can look for the nearest store to purchase one here or you can buy one online here. Here’s the sizing guide to help you find the right DivaCup for you.



Have you tried a menstrual cup? If you haven’t, would you?