Beginning Natural Childbirth Method Research

I should start with stating that I have never in my entire life had any real interest in using a natural childbirth method.  With my first, I might have been fine with a natural childbirth method; I didn’t feel a single contraction until the hospital decided to administer pitocin.  I knew nothing about it, I was little more than a kid.  Nothing was really explained to me beyond they were giving it to me to “speed up my labor.”  And I was told this, not asked.  What I do know is that I went from watching the contractions be incredibly strong on the monitor without feeling them to nearly passing out from back labor.  Yeah, I had an epidural.  And an episiotome, which was also done without my consent.  With Norton, I had a scheduled c-section due to gestational diabetes, polyhydramnios, and I was projected to have a baby the size of a small elephant. [Read more…]