My Baby Has a Milk Intolerance – Now what?

My baby has a milk intolerance.  Yuck.  Like most people who have a child with a food allergy or intolerance, I have to say that I’m doing a lot of things differently already.  That Eudora has a milk intolerance has been a bit of a hiccup.  You see, the husband loves cheese.  So does Norton.  If I’d allow it, Norton would easily consume a gallon of milk a day.  He’s also a fan of yogurt.  I don’t think I’ve ever run into a dairy product that Norton doesn’t like.

Eudora, obviously, can’t repeat some of our practices.  By this time in Norton’s life, he was having yogurt for breakfast and was snacking on string cheese.  I made the mistake of giving Eudora yogurt once.  I wasn’t sure if yogurt would be an issue for her since it’s not for a lot of lactose intolerant people.  I asked the husband what he thought since it was Saturday morning and our next pediatrician appointment was a month away.  At that point in time, we knew that Eudora had issues with milk products, but we didn’t know anything about a milk intolerance beyond “we have to give her Nutramigen formula so she doesn’t barf.”  He shrugged and said “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Eudora ate that yogurt with great relish.  She was a happy baby.  However, about an hour later, she was gassy and the husband bounced her a bit to burp her.  She puked.  More to the point, she threw up everywhere.  The husband was calling for assistance while Eudora gurgled happily in his arms.  His entire shirt was covered in vomit.  And so was the carpet for about four feet around him.

So what are we doing?  Now that she’s bottle weaned and no longer on formula, she’s drinking almond milk.  She’s not getting the fats that she would get out of whole cow’s milk and she’s not really a fan of meat.  We’re feeding her peanut butter quite frequently.  We’re also experimenting with goat’s milk products.  We’ve tried goat’s milk cheese.  She wasn’t a fan of that.  The next on our agenda to try is goat’s milk and goat’s milk yogurt.  Fortunately, those are actually available at our local supermarkets.  Additionally, we’re trying to convince her to like avocado.

Have you had to cope with a milk intolerance in your family?  What adjustments did you make?