Balanitis and Judgment Fears

I have been struggling with potty training Norton.  There are days that he goes to the potty and it’s no problem.  Then there are weeks when he fights, refuses to go, holds it for eight hours at a time, begs for diapers, and does anything he possibly can to block potty training.  A couple of weeks ago, I left a status on my Facebook page about taking Norton to the hospital.  He was peeing and little drops of blood were showing up in the toilet.  His little penis (or what he calls his pee pee… with no encouragement from us) was just not right.  We ultimately got a diagnosis of balanitis. [Read more…]

Public Breastfeeding and Mommy Wars – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I hate it when public breastfeeding becomes a topic of discussion.  Absolutely.  Loathe.  It.  Why?  Because public breastfeeding seems to ignite the mommy wars, and either way, someone is going to either feel bad over something or someone will try to make someone else feel bad over something.

Today, I saw it on LiveJournal.  A mom posted about how she was pretty ticked because a bookstore employee in the children’s department acted like she was a deviant because she was nursing her child.  The employee actually made more of a scene with telling the mom that she was exposing herself, blah blah blah than the mom did with breastfeeding.  (And she was taking pains to be discrete without burying her kid’s head under a blanket.)

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A Bikini, Jessica Simpson, and a Parenting Controversy,

I do not comb the Internet looking for parenting controversy involving famous parents.  Honest.  However, it seems like my Google news feed loves nothing more than a parenting controversy that centers around a parenting decision made by someone with more zeroes in their bank account than I have in mine.

This time it was Jessica Simpson who made the news.

The headline that caught my eye didn’t even mention anything about the singer/actor/designer/whatever else she may be.  It was “What kind of mother parades her baby on TV in a string bikini?

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You Aren’t a Better Mom than Me

I was reading a book on elimination communication over the weekend.  While reading, the book spoke about things like how parenting decisions like breastfeeding vs. formula, co-sleeping vs. crib sleeping, working vs. stay at home, and a host of other issues can often spark mommy wars.  When you think about the mommy wars, it’s invariably happening for the same reason: we want to feel validated in our parenting decisions.  We want to feel like our parenting decisions are the things that we can look at and say “I’m a better mom because I do x.”

News flash: you’re not a better mom than me.  But I’m not a better mom than you, either.

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A Breastfeeding Mom, Time Magazine, and the Mommy Wars

In the words of the immortal George Takei, “Oh, my.”  A breastfeeding mom on the cover of Time Magazine.  Of course a breastfeeding mom will generate controversy.  We live in a society where a breastfeeding mom will be asked to cover up or leave an establishment for nursing, regardless of the age of the child or the legality of her nursing wherever and whenever in the first place.  But a breastfeeding mom defiantly nursing her preschooler as he stands on a chair?  That’s just designed to cause sparks to fly.  And the caption of “Are you mom enough?” is enough to get anyone’s hackles up.  If anything, it just adds fuel to the mommy wars.

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