Best Bottom Dragonfly Ripple Announced!

There are few things that I look forward to more than a new cloth diaper coming out.  So imagine how happy I was to get out of bed and find that the Best Bottom Dragonfly Ripple had been announced?

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FuzziBunz Pink Puzzle – How’d I Miss THAT?!

I generally stay on top of changes made by FuzziBunz.  The very first diaper I put on Norton was a white FuzziBunz one size diaper, so it’s a brand that I’ve got a soft spot for.  That every interaction I’ve personally had with Tereson Dupuy, the founder, only helps with those warm fuzzy feelings.  I was amazed when I found that I’d missed the release of a new limited edition diaper: the FuzziBunz Pink Puzzle.  As always, the puzzle diapers are out to raise autism awareness.  This is a cause that’s special to Tereson due to her son Eden.  It’s her third diaper for autism (the first being the discontinued Light It Up Blue, followed by the limited edition Puzzle).

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