Household Safety – Tether Your Furniture

When we have kids, we think of household safety as “baby proofing.”  You know, make sure your kid won’t hang himself on the cord from your blinds.  Use outlet covers to prevent your child from sticking a whisk in an outlet.  Keep the kid out of the dog food, make sure you use cabinet locks.  All of that is fairly effective stuff in the beginning, but as they grow, household safety concerns change.

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Struggling with Newborn Nursery Decor

It’s so funny the kinds of things that I struggle with while pregnant.  Of course, picking a baby’s name is difficult.  You’re picking something that will stick with your child for the rest of his (or her) life.  Picking out newborn nursery furniture is almost as difficult, particularly since I buy lifetime furniture.  It’s the only set I’m ever going to buy that kid, so it had better be good.  Even though newborn nursery decor won’t be used for life, it’s still a detail that I agonize over.  And really, I suspect that the reason newborn nursery decor is so darned hard is because it’s all a matter of taste. [Read more…]

Newborn Nursery Furniture – A Decision at Last?

I’m finding that picking out furniture for a newborn nursery has been consistently one of the toughest parts of getting ready for a baby.  Honestly, I think the only decision that is harder than figuring out the newborn nursery furniture is figuring out what to name our baby.  After all, both are things that we decide with the hopes of our baby having it for life.

Stork Craft Vittoria 3-in-1 crib

We went through a few ideas.  First, we were going to go with StorkCraft.  They’ve come out with all sorts of new styles and such, and some of them were rather nifty.  I thought the Vittoria crib in espresso was pretty nice, and the husband agreed.  We decided that the Aspen changing dresser, also in espresso would be just fine.  Best of all, it was something that we could get from a local store.  Not having to pay an extra $600 in shipping fees (like we did with Norton’s nursery set) was pretty darned appealing. [Read more…]

Reducing Necessary Newborn Nursery Furniture

Now that my husband is almost 100% on the same page as me when it comes to what we’re going to do with Norton’s nursery furniture (it’s lifetime furniture; it’s Norton’s furniture for a lifetime), we’re working on what to do for newborn nursery furniture for new kid.  I’m twenty weeks pregnant now, so this seems like a pretty crucial thing… particularly since the husband would procrastinate on this until I’m crowning and I’d have ordered something at the beginning of the second trimester. [Read more…]

Figuring out a Newborn Nursery – What About Norton?

I remember when I was pregnant with Norton, figuring out his newborn nursery was nothing short of a nightmare.  You see, with Andy, I lived at my parents’ house and he slept in my room.  I made a little newborn nursery in the corner of my bedroom because it was the best that I could do.  With Norton, I could do much better, and I did.  We spent months agonizing over every little detail.  We must have decided on five different sets of nursery furniture for Norton before we finally really did settle on one and order it.

That was just picking out the furniture.  Don’t even get me started on the decor.  Or the work on refinishing the room.

It looks like figuring out a room for McAfee/Eudora won’t be any easier.

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