Balanitis and Judgment Fears

I have been struggling with potty training Norton.  There are days that he goes to the potty and it’s no problem.  Then there are weeks when he fights, refuses to go, holds it for eight hours at a time, begs for diapers, and does anything he possibly can to block potty training.  A couple of weeks ago, I left a status on my Facebook page about taking Norton to the hospital.  He was peeing and little drops of blood were showing up in the toilet.  His little penis (or what he calls his pee pee… with no encouragement from us) was just not right.  We ultimately got a diagnosis of balanitis. [Read more…]

Parenting Judgment – “Abuse” Is a Heavy Word

We’re all guilty of moments of parenting judgment.  Sometimes it’s giving a disapproving glance to the mom who is surfing her phone at the park instead of pushing a child on the swings.  Other times, it’s really just parenting judgment  because another mom dares to do something differently than we do.  For the most part, parenting judgment can lead to conversation.  Instead of condemnation, asking a mom why she does things the way she does instead of flinging barbs is a much kinder thing. [Read more…]