Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – Peachy Green #Halloween

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - Peachy Green (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Is there anything cuter than a little clown baby?  This little girl is modeling a Peachy Green all-in-one diaper in Rainbow Zig Zag.

Peachy Green diapers are available at Lagoon Baby.

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – Peachy Green

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - Peachy Green (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Check out this little sweetheart!  She’s modeling a Peachy Green All-in-One diaper for her ten month portraits.

Where to buy Peachy Green: Lagoon Baby (Canada)

Peachy Green Cloth Diaper Review

When I wrote out my cloth diaper wish list, a Peachy Green cloth diaper made the list.  I’m one of those odd people who wants to TRY ALL THE DIAPERS!!!!  When I saw the variety of prints and patterns available in the Peachy Green cloth diaper line up, I was fascinated.  I’m also in Canada, and there is exactly one store in all of Canada that carries them: Lagoon Baby.

I ordered one, saw it, and was just in love.

Peachy Green Cloth Diaper Style

Peachy Green Cloth Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)My Peachy Green cloth diaper is a Solo Luxe All-In-One diaper in size 1.  I find it interesting that it’s called an all-in-one.  It’s not actually an all-in-one diaper at all.  The Solo Luxe is more like a not hybrid all-in-two: it has a snap-in petal style soaker made of bamboo viscose and organic cotton.  The front of the top layer of the petal is sewn thicker for added absorbency.  Another feature of the Peachy Green cloth diaper (regardless of type) is that it has a side snap closure.

What’s Awesome About the Peachy Green Solo Luxe

Peachy Green Cloth Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

(Photo adjusted to show more detail.)

I have the Hula Hula print, which is just absolutely gorgeous.  I’m madly in love with the print.  Because of the side snaps, it’s extremely trim.  If the diaper wasn’t too cute to hide under jeans, it would fit under them beautifully.  The elastic on the back is fabulously flat against the back, and the trimness of the diaper means no bubble butt.  The rise is a bit high and she’s wearing it on the second smallest setting.  It’s a perfect fit.  Not only that, but it’s made in the USA.  Considering I’ve recently decided that I’d rather stick with buying North American, that’s a grand thing.

What’s Not Awesome About the Peachy Green Solo Luxe

Peachy Green Cloth Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)On one hand, because the Solo Luxe is a sized diaper, it’s easier to be trim fitting.  On the other hand, because it’s a sized diaper, it’s not a diaper that will fit forever.  (The size range is 0: 7-16 pounds, 1: 12-28 pounds, and 2: 24-35 pounds.)  I generally prefer one size diapers.  And while Peachy Green says that the soaker doesn’t have to be removed to wash, I find that it invariably comes undone in the wash cycle anyway.  That’s just fine with me because the soaker really does dry very quickly… but the shell takes forever to dry.  It’s one of my slowest drying shells.

Overall Peachy Green Cloth Diaper Experience?

I love this diaper.  It’s fun.  It’s cute.  And it’s really not a common diaper in my area, so that makes it even more fun to show off.  Some of the print options are amazing, and they regularly come out with new ones.  I’m looking forward to finding out what the next collection will be.

Where to Buy a Peachy Green Cloth Diaper

If you’re in Canada, there’s exactly one option in country: Lagoon Baby.  If you’re in the States, you can just buy direct from Peachy Green.

Peachy Green Diaper AIO Review

These diapers are a recent discovery of mine. This review is dealing with Peachy Green’s Solo LuxeAIO (all-in-one). [Read more…]

Merry #FluffyXmas Spotlight – Lagoon Baby

Merry Fluffy XMas - Lagoon BabyWhen it comes to buying cloth diapers, I love to experiment.  I love to try different brands and different styles.  When it comes to where I buy cloth diapers, I don’t do much experimenting.  I have a few trusted stores that I shop with and very rarely shop anywhere else.  Lagoon Baby is making it onto that “trusted store” list.  There are a few reasons that I love Lagoon Baby and encourage others to shop there.

Lagoon Baby is Proudly Canadian

I like to keep my Canadian dollars in Canada as much as possible.  Buying from a Canadian business that stocks a lot of Canadian brands is just awesome.  What better way to improve the national economy than to stick to Canadian stuff as much as possible?  (Plus, I know that stuff that’s made in Canada is made in humane conditions due to the labor laws that this country has, and I know that workers are generally paid a liveable wage because of those same laws.)  Since Lagoon Baby is located in Maple Ridge, BC, I know that I’m doing just that.  Plus, shipping is pretty quick for me since I’m still in British Columbia.

Lagoon Baby is a WAHM Business

I’ve done my time as a work at home mom.  I love being able to support other moms who work from home and stay with their babies.  More to the point, I love being able to support work at home mom businesses that are truly ethical businesses instead of a rebranding business.

Lagoon Baby is Friendly

Natalie is pretty friendly to interact with over Facebook and Twitter.  She’s quick to answer and is always willing to look for answers if she doesn’t have one.

Lagoon Baby Provides Options

Lagoon Baby’s store has some fantastic options that are not common in my city.  She carries Bottombumpers, Blueberry, Peachy Green, Funky Fluff, and some other diapers that are on my wish list.  Her stock is growing and changing all the time!

Have you shopped at Lagoon Baby?  What was your experience like?

Stay tuned for the Merry Fluffy Xmas giveaway!  Lagoon Baby is sponsoring a prize.

My Cloth Diaper Wish List – Things I Haven’t Tried

I’ve used a lot of cloth diapers.  I’ve used pocket cloth diapers, all-in-one cloth diapers, all-in-two diapers, prefolds, fitteds…  I’m thinking that the only type of cloth diaper I haven’t tried yet are flats (which I’m not really interested in) and contour diapers.

Last week, the Cloth Diaper Revival published her bucket list.  This is my cloth diaper wish list.

1.) Bottombumpers.

They are a diaper that I recently learned about.  They’re an all-in-one with side snaps.  So far, I’m running 50/50 on my liking side snaps.  And the new polka dot prints that they announced at the ABC Show are really cute.

2.) Peachy Green.

They’ve got this adorable denim print all-in-two one size diaper that I’m out to try.  So far, I’ve only seen denim diapers in BumCheeks (which I hated with a fiery passion) and China Cheapies.  I’d love a Made in the USA denim diaper.

3.) Blueberry fitted cloth diaper.

Fitted diapers are super awesomely absorbent.  Blueberry diapers are completely and utterly awesome as a rule.  The snap configuration is something that my husband can actually use.  I can’t imagine a more awesome fitted diaper combination out there.

4.) Thirsties Duo with Snaps.

I gave the Thirsties Duo a shot a while back with Norton.  Unfortunately, they were Velcro, so he would not keep them on.  I really would like to give this cloth diaper a chance to perform, so I’m eyeballing the Scottish Rose print for Eudora.  With a snap closure, of course.

5.) Goodmamas.

An American made bunch of cloth diapers made by work at home moms?  And they’re beautiful?  Yes, please!

6.) Imagine diapers.

They’re a Nicki’s Diapers exclusive.  Nicki’s Diapers is the same company that brought us Planet Wise wet bags and Best Bottom diapers.  I want to see what else she’s brought us.

7.) JamTots Berry Plush AIO.

They’re covers, but they have snap in inserts.  And they’re adorable.  Besides, it’s minky, and minky is cuddly.  (And the Northern Lights fabric is beautiful.)

8.) Blueberry Minky.

I love Blueberry one size pocket diapers.  I love how snuggly a minky insert is.  Wouldn’t a minky exterior make my baby even more snuggly?

9.) Kawaii Good Night Heavy Wetters.

I’ve heard people swear by these diapers as an overnight cloth diapering solution for super soakers.  I wonder if it could stand up to Norton?

10.) Kissaluvs Wool Covers.

What better way to get the most out of your fitted diapers as an overnight solution?  Plus, I’ve never actually used wool anything on my kids.

11.) Swaddlebees Econappies.

I really want to know what the difference is between the Econappies and the Blueberry pocket diaper.

12.) Econobums.

Econobums is the only product left in the Cotton Babies line up that I haven’t tried.

13.) BumWear One Size Pocket diaper.

From what I’ve seen at Nicki’s Diapers, they look like what you’d get if a Best Bottom cloth diaper and a pocket cloth diaper made babies.

14.) Tweedle Bugs One Size Pocket diaper.

They’re cute with a variety of soft tones.

15.) Oh Katy.

I’ve had friends in the States that have sworn by their Oh Katy diapers.

16.) Funky Fluff.

There’s a very simple reason why I want to try one of these.  Have you seen the color combinations?  I love the contrasting snaps with the solid shells.  I keep trying to win one of them, but I haven’t had any luck yet!

What’s left on your “diapers to try” list?