Pediatric Biopsy Results Are In!

A week ago, Eudora had a suspected dermoid cyst removed.  She survived it like a champ.  Even better, she never once messed with her incision or picked at her stitches.  She just left it alone and didn’t seem to be even slightly bothered by it.  Of course, while we’ve been home and watching her heal, there’s been a lump removed from my baby’s head awaiting a pediatric biopsy.

Pediatric Biopsy Results are In! (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Eudora’s cyst. I apologize for the blurry quality. The surgeon took a picture before sending it off for biopsy so that he could discuss it with us.

We went to the surgeon and had Eudora’s stitches removed.  He kindly showed me a picture of the lump that they’d removed and then gave me the pediatric biopsy results: it was, in fact, a dermoid cyst.  Just as we’d thought.

However, it was a very good thing that it was removed when it was.  The little, innocuous, small pea sized lump above her eye was a little like an iceberg: there was much more lurking under the surface.  It turned out to be roughly the size of a hazelnut.  Not only that, but it was so deep that it was actually right against my baby girl’s skull.

Then, of course, there’s the scarring.  Eudora had three tiny little stitches across the incision.  It’s hardly visible.  I can’t complain about that!  All in all, everything went perfectly well, and my precious Eudora is as perfect and sweet as ever.  My darling husband, who had been extremely worried, walked out of the specialist’s office looking fifty pounds lighter.  There was a spring to his step that hadn’t been there since all of this began.

Did you ever experience a pediatric biopsy with your child?  How did your family cope?