Wordless Wednesday – Baby Girl Turns Six Months!

Eudora will be six months old on Friday.  I’m amazed at how quickly the time has flown.  Here’s my beautiful girl modeling some of her clothes before they’re packed away as officially outgrown!

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So How ‘Bout that Infant Growth Thing?

Eudora will be six months old next Friday.  She’s my little tiny baby girl.  When she was born, she was eight and a half pounds.  While there are people out there who have much bigger babies, Eudora was in the 82nd percentile for weight on the infant growth chart.  That’s not exactly a small number.  As we’ve struggled with excessive amounts of baby barf, various formulas, and reflux medicine, her weight percentile on the infant growth chart has continued to drop.

Yesterday we saw the pediatrician (which is a specialist here) instead of our family doctor.  She weighed fourteen pounds and twelve ounces.  So in six months, she’s dropped from being in the 82nd percentile to being in the 31st percentile for weight and 67th percentile for height.  So much for the whole “don’t worry about it; she’s still growing” thing.

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Toddler Potty Training Progress

I’ve been scratching my head over toddler potty training. I mean, seriously, I know that they are eventually supposed to stop wearing diapers and be proficient at using the toilet. But what do you do to get it to happen?

I’ve tried a few different things with toddler potty training. We got some awesome Charlie Banana swim diapers, which are commonly used as training pants. We’ve watched Elmo’s Potty Time so many times that I’ve decided I need a drinking game to go along with it. We let Norton pick out his new potty after our potty training was derailed by a painful incident with sitting on our Baby Bjorn potty. Those hadn’t been the magic bullet that I was hoping for. (He loves his underwear and even says the word, but still wets them. I don’t drink, but I’m considering taking a Jello shot every time Elmo says “potty.” And his new potty chair was more of an interesting engineering experiment: he’d take it apart to figure out how it worked instead of using the singing or stickers as a reward thing. He wouldn’t actually sit on it. That wasn’t interesting at all.)

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When Laundry Creates the Saddest Toddler Ever

Poor Norton.  More than anything in the world, he loves his Pillow.  He carries Pillow with him everywhere and sleeps with him.  When Norton eats, Pillow goes in the chair beside him at the table.  Periodically, Pillow smells funky because Norton had flooded the bed (and Pillow) overnight or during a nap.  Usually, I manage to discretely slip Pillow into the laundry and have him upstairs before Norton is any the wiser.

Yesterday, that didn’t quite work out.  Norton clung to Pillow when I changed him, and that was when I noticed that Pillow smelled vile.

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Wordless Wednesday – Toddler Independence

Norton has become quite proficient at dressing himself.  Here’s Norton getting on his own pj’s!

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Random Toddler Behavior – It’s All Hat to Me!

Norton is the most fantastically individual boy.  From the beginning, he was pretty independent.  Now he’s a fiercely independent toddler who can do the most random things.  Of course, I think some of his random toddler behavior is just a sign that he’s his father’s son.  You see, my husband has always been a funny guy who does goofy things for a laugh.  I’m seeing toddler behavior from our boy that shows he’s much the same way.

In fact, I could swear that I’ve seen my husband do this exact same thing.

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Toddler Nutrition – When Good Eating Goes Bad

I do my best to ensure that Norton has proper toddler nutrition.  I make sure he eats things with vegetables in them.  Sometimes it’s hidden vegetables so that I know he’ll get them down.  I figure that the method of delivery isn’t necessarily the most important part of toddler nutrition.  His knowledge of the veggies isn’t really important.

Norton’s self-feeding skills are often impressive.  I’ve seen him eat soup without getting any on himself.

Of course, I’ve also seen him decide that he didn’t want to eat his soup and smear in his hair instead.

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My Favorite Cloth Diaper Gift Has Been Discontinued

Norton rocking the Happy Heinys Glow in the Dark Skulls cloth diaper

There’s one cloth diaper gift I consistently love to give to my friends who are either new to using cloth diapers or are just having a baby.  I chose this cloth diaper gift for a few reasons: 1.) It’s a great diaper.  2.) It’s gender neutral.  3.) It’s really, really awesome.

That diaper?  The Happy Heinys Glow in the Dark Skulls diaper.  I love that diaper.  It’s a pocket diaper, which is the same type as the majority of my cloth diaper stash.  I chose the snap closures, although I had the option between snaps and Velcro when I bought them.  Every single one of my friends loved that diaper, too.  It was a really, really hard diaper to find… and I had super easy access because Cozy Bums, my local diaper dealer, sold it.  A friend of mine has been jonesing for that particular diaper, so I was going to get it for her.  And then I discovered that it was discontinued.

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Promoting Early Reading – Now What?

I’ve always endeavored to promote early reading for Norton.  Before he was even born, I started acquiring books for him.  I did the same thing for his big brother Andy, too.  With Andy, there was a lot of reading Dr. Seuss.  With Norton, though, my focus on early reading took a back seat to working past his toddler language delay.

Now that he’s starting to catch up on his toddler language delay issues, I’m moving back into early reading.  Honestly, though, renewed focus on promoting early reading comes from Norton using a toy to teach himself the alphabet.

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An Independent Toddler is an Individual – Wordless Wednesday

It’s always… interesting to see what kind of outfits an independent toddler will put together when left to his own devices.

Rocking it with one rubber boot.

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