A Super Cute Skeleton – Wordless Wednesday

I don’t usually post this many pics for Wordless Wednesday, but Norton was so darned cute in his costume that I couldn’t resist.  The first were taken while trick or treating at the mall.  The second group were taken at Grandma’s house after dinner.

Happily strolling through the mall


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Fun in the Kitchen Makes Me Feel Like a Better Mom

Pumpkin Rice Krispy treats

On Friday, I’d have done just about anything to feel like a better mom.  The day was just rough, from the beginning of the day with Strong Start until the very end.  I tried to pep talk myself so that I’d get up, make dinner and let Norton help me, and then I’d feel like a better mom.  It really, truly did not work.

I spent Saturday trying to make up for what a flop Friday had been.  It was better.  I won’t say that I mastered scream-free parenting, but it went well overall.  We spent the majority of the day out grocery shopping (and that can take a while when you start out at the mall to get some new jeans for the kiddo and there are six stores on the agenda).  But Sunday was when the day was really awesome.  And it was a day that was even closer to scream-free parenting right up until we went to Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. [Read more…]

A Fun Mommy Three for Thursday

It’s easy for me to lose sight of doing fun mommy things when I feel pretty rundown.  Thankfully, my friend Evelyn is good at reminding me to let the fun mommy out with a simple little Three for Thursday meme.

Three objects to my left:
1.) Winston the Wonder Chihuahua
2.) A dog bone
3.) A wireless keyboard

Three songs I can’t get out of my head:
1.) The Letter T song from Sesame Street (grr…)
2.) Radar Love by Golden Earring
3.) Sweet Transvestite from the Rocky Horror Picture Show (Tim Curry version, please!)

Three favorite Halloween movies (or songs):
1.) John Carpenter’s Halloween
2.) The Rocky Horror Picture Show
3.) The Exorcist

Three things I’ve learned to just let go of:
1.) People who don’t value me.  If I’m not important to them, why on earth would I continue to let them be important to me?
2.) Clothes that don’t fit.
3.) Clutter that I don’t need.

Three reasons I could wear the Super Woman costume on Halloween:
1.) I’m growing a baby.  That’s a feat in and of itself.
2.) I manage to keep a somewhat clean house, even on days that I can’t really walk.  (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction sucks.)
3.) The costume bodice actually looks like it would be supportive enough to wear without a bra.

Three pictures:











Norton in his first pair of Halloween pajamas, fall 2010









Peekaboo breakfast

Fun with Fall Colors – Wordless Wednesday

I had a pumpkin from our trip to the pumpkin patch.  I have a cute kid.  And I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Isn’t that all that I need for Wordless Wednesday?

This is what Being a Stay at Home Mom is About

Before the husband and I even got pregnant, we knew that being a stay at home mom was the best choice for us.  We knew what kind of parenting we wanted and how we wanted our family to go, and being a stay at home mom seemed like the best way for us to get that Norman Rockwell painting that we wanted.

The reality, of course, is that being a stay at home mom isn’t quite what I’d dreamed about.  In my fantasies about being a stay at home mom, I was always supermom, always ready with a healthy snack and a kind word.  Wielding my spatula with fierce accuracy to make absolutely amazing meals that the whole family would love.  My house would always be immaculate and my kid would always be happy.

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It’s Time to Learn How to do Digital Scrapbooking

For years, I’ve wanted to learn how to be a crafty mom.  But really, I always kind of failed at arts and crafts when I was growing up, and it’s not any better now that I’m a mom.  But I’ve decided something.  It’s time for me to learn how to do digital scrapbooking.  I keep thinking that it shouldn’t be too hard for me to learn how to do digital scrapbooking.  I’ve dabbled with web design.  I totally rock at editing pics in Photoshop.  And I’ve done regular scrapbooking. [Read more…]