The Versatility of AppleCheeks Diapers

In the beginning of my cloth diapering career, I was leery of AppleCheeks diapers.  They came in two sizes.  They didn’t include inserts.  I wasn’t exactly clear on how they actually worked.  Was it a pocket diaper or was it a diaper cover?

After I finally found my local cloth diapering community, a mom was selling one of her own AppleCheeks covers.  The price was right.  I’d finally had enough experience under my belt and had become quite the little experimentalist in my own right.  I took the plunge and bought an AppleCheeks envelope diaper cover.  It was the Forget Me Not AppleCheeks in size 2.  I didn’t have any of the AppleCheeks inserts, so I put a Blueberry microterry insert inside and slapped it on Norton’s bum. [Read more…]

Young Love (Mostly Wordless Wednesday)

Eudora and her “betrothed,” Huan.  Do you think any of these will be cute at their wedding reception?

ww-young-love-1 ww-young-love-2 ww-young-love-3

Best Friends (Mostly Wordless Wednesday)


T'akaya ends up with baby toys on her head and doesn't even complain.

T’akaya ends up with baby toys on her head and doesn’t even complain.

Eudora climbs up!  (I'd think the dog minded more if not for the fact that she jumped up on the couch to be near Eudora in the first place.)

Eudora climbs up! (I’d think the dog minded more if not for the fact that she jumped up on the couch to be near Eudora in the first place.)





Self-Feeding Princess – Mostly Wordless Wednesday

My lovely little princess is a cute little girl.  She’s also getting more independent by the day.  Some skills are yet to be mastered, though… like using a spoon.




Mostly Wordless Wednesday – Plum Crazy

This Wordless Wednesday, you can see that we’re plum crazy about purple. 🙂  Here’s Eudora modeling a purple Rumparooz and a purple paisley Sunbaby.

Mostly Wordless Wednesday - Plum Crazy


Mostly Wordless Wednesday - Plum Crazy

Together – Mostly Wordless Wednesday

It’s not too often that I can get Norton and Eudora in the same shot.  It’s even more rare that I can get them in the same shot short of playing nicely together.  Here they are playing on the LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table.  (Wearing Rumparooz pocket diapers just adds to the cuteness.)


Where to buy Rumparooz – Diaper Junction (US/Canada), Lagoon Baby (Canada), Kelly’s Closet (US),  Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada), Cloth Diaper Addicts Amazon Shoppe (US)

Wordless Wednesday – Monkeying Around

Here’s Norton modeling his Swaddlebees Simplex one size all-in-one diaper in Monkeys.

Fish lips!


Monkeying around is thirsty work!

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Wordless Wednesday – AMP’d Up!

Norton in action, modeling AMP Diapers in burgundy.

Who Needs Diaper Covers? (Wordless Wednesday)

A lot of the time, I see cute little girl dresses with matching diaper covers.  I hardly use them.  We use cloth diapers.  They’re already cute.  Why on earth would I want to cover them up?!

Eudora rocking Fuzzi Bunz in ChocoTruffle

Peekaboo! She’s playing peekaboo with her doll, but she’s showing off her GroVia hybrid diaper in Surf!

Butts up? Norton’s Cookie Monster Best Bottom diaper is very appropriate… especially in his Sesame Street themed bedroom.

Cloth Diaper Combination – GroVia Hybrid Shell + Best Bottom insert

Eudora modeling the GroVia shell with a Best Bottom stay dry insert. Pretty darned trim!

Usually, when I decide I want to experiment with cloth diapers, I end up buying a new brand or style.  But today, my friend Heather over at the Parenting Patch asked me a question: what inserts could I use in a GroVia hybrid shell?

I’m a purist.  (No, not a cloth diaper snob.  I reject that label because snobbery implies that I look down on others who do it differently than me.)  I seldom mix and match inserts and shells.  When I fold cloth diaper laundry, I calmly sit down and sort shells and inserts before stuffing so that I can put the same brand inserts and shells together. [Read more…]