Best Bottom Diaper and Magical Timing

Hey Mom? I know you just changed me into a Best Bottom. I know you just put diapers in the wash. But guess what I made?

I love my new Best Bottom diapers.  I’m having a lot of fun with them.  However, there’s one issue that I’m having with Best Bottom diapers… and it has absolutely nothing to do with the diaper itself.

For two weeks now, I’ve been trying to get a picture of Eudora in a particular outfit with her Best Bottom diaper in Wild Berry.  Every time I try, though, I’m not fast enough to snap a picture or get her in the outfit for one reason or another.  Usually, I think “Meh, it’s an all-in-two.  I’ll just put in a fresh insert and all will be good later.”

However, later never comes.  And that later is the one thing that is making me crazy.

Eudora will, invariably, have a runny poop.

I mean a yucky, runny, greenish gray poo that reminds me of meconium.


When that happens, the diaper cover is soiled.  There’s no reusing that cover with a new insert.  All I can do is rinse it down and be relieved that the diaper contained it.

As much as I hate that she always soils that diaper cover before I can get a cute picture of her in a dress with that diaper, the good news is that the diaper contains it.  The Best Bottom shell contains that poo with fantastic ease thanks to the double gussets.  I have no doubt that if it was a disposable diaper, I’d have been hosing down an entire outfit and hoping to get the stains out.

Are you finding that you’re also prone to Murphy’s Law of Poop?  What’s your Murphy’s Law event?

Wordless Wednesday – My Diaper Models

Is there anything more adorable than a happy baby with a fluffy bum?  I don’t think so… except maybe my happy babies with fluffy bums.  Of course, I’m also a little biased. 😉

Eudora modeling Fuzzi Bunz One Size in Choco Truffle


Eudora models the Baby Kicks 3G in Poppy


Norton shows us how to read with feet in his Best Bottom diaper in Cookie Monster


Wordless Wednesday – Rolling in Rumparooz

Eudora modeling her Rumparooz

Eudora modeling her Rumparooz

Getting to know her buddy Thing 2.


Plotting mischief with Thing 2

The Best Bottom Diaper that Reignited My Cloth Diaper Addiction

For a while, I was doing really good with my cloth diaper addiction recovery.  Sure, I’d look longingly at new cloth diapers from time to time.  I’d read my friend’s cloth diaper blog posts and comment, and give advice on stripping issues.  But when we went to a family reunion last month, I got Eudora a new pretty purple dress.  I wanted to get a new pretty purple diaper to go with it. [Read more…]

Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Review

I have a confession: I very rarely use anything other than premium diapers.  Sure, I’ve been called a cloth diaper snob because of this, but the simple fact is, I didn’t know anything about non-premium brand cloth diapers (hereafter referred to as “China Cheapies”) when I got interested in using cloth diapers in the first place.  Recently, a mom in my area had a Sunbaby cloth diaper that she was selling.  I figured, eh, why not?  It’s cute.  It has skulls.  And my beloved Happy Heinys Glow in the Dark Skull print is in need of repair.  Besides, if it didnt work out, I wasn’t really out of much money.  Other people use Sunbaby cloth diapers with great success.  So why not me?

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Teaching Toddler Manners

Now that Norton’s toddler communication skills are a little more up to speed, I’ve been shifting my focus.  You see, he can use words to express ideas and desires… so now we’re working on getting him to use his words to express what he wants using the best toddler manners that his level of language can handle.  Obviously, at this point in time, toddler manners don’t include the expectations of saying “May I be excused?” when he’s done eating.  Considering Norton’s level of toddler communication tops out at two words, that’s a little unreasonable.

Here’s what we are doing to encourage toddler manners.

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Helpful Toddler Really Does Help

For a while now, whenever I’ve referred to Norton as a helpful toddler, it’s been with air quotes and meant in the loosest sense possible…  Such as my “helpful” toddler decided to throw my silverware on the floor.  But recently, Norton has managed to truly be a helpful toddler from time to time.

I’ve struggled with getting Norton to help with cleaning up his room in the past.  In fact, there were times that my cleaning up his room got me the most unpleasant response of having toddler toys scattered faster than I could pick them up.  I’m not sure what inspired this change, but I’m loving it.

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Adventures in Babywearing – Facing in or Out? (Hot Topic Tuesday)

Today my friend Heather at Parenting Patch asked a Hot Topic Tuesday question: do you wear your baby facing in or out?  I’ve been fairly variable with adventures in babywearing.  I’ve done a lot more adventures in babywearing with Eudora than I did with Norton, but that’s generally because Eudora is much clingier than Norton ever was.  My style of babywearing has changed quite a bit with each of my children.

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Wordless Wednesday – Eudora’s 10,000 Watt Smile

Eudora is growing.  In fact, we’re at that point where she’s outgrowing all of her 0-3 month outfits.  This means that I’m taking pictures of my pretty girl like no tomorrow so that I can make sure I have a picture of her in every outfit.  Here’s some that are just brightened by the brilliance of her smile.

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Toddler Style – Norton Gets Canadian (Thanks, Charlie Banana!)

Everyone who has ever raised a toddler knows that toddler style can be rather… well, random.  Toddler style dictates that something may not need to be in season in order to be a favorite item.  Toddler style also dictates that color coordination is optional.

In the winter time, we tried and tried to get Norton to wear his hat.  It’s a hat with fur on the inside and ear flaps.  The only thing that screams “I am Canadian” more than that hat is a Molson beer commercial.

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