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Grey Cloth Diapers the New Brown?

Back in October, I noticed that most big name manufacturers have discontinued their brown diapers.  It seems that brown cloth diapers are going out of fashion, along with those brilliantly contrasty brown/pink and blue/pink combinations.  I’ve noticed what seems to be replacing all of that brown: grey cloth diapers.

Grey Cloth Diapers are the New Brown

Grey Cloth Diapers – Everywhere!

Grey cloth diapers are a fabulous neutral that will still coordinate with most things… particularly since grey has become a common accent color in children’s clothing.  Sometimes you’ll find them on patterned diapers, too.

Grey Cloth Diapers in Your Pocket

Because of the midway price point and ease, pocket cloth diapers are “the gateway drug” to cloth diapering.  There are a few brands of pockets that now have grey cloth diapers in their line up.


The AppleCheeks Steel Me diaper was out for six months as a limited edition, did beautifully well, and is now retired to make room for Riptide to join the AppleCheeks line up.  However, the AMP Pebble is still available and bumGenius Armadillo is now being shipped out to customers who pre-ordered from Cotton Babies.  (Hopefully that means that they’ll ship it to their retailers next week and it’ll be in my hot little hands two weeks after that.)

Grey Cloth Diapers as an All-in-Two


The newest grey cloth diaper to join the line up is the Best Bottom Dragonfly Ripple.  The green is an avocado color… and honestly, I really love this diaper because it reminds me of Oscar the Grouch.  The GroVia Cloud was the first grey cloth diaper to start the trend.  The Planet Wise Grey Chevron is a nice and perfect grey color combination with the nice yellow pop on the piping.

Have you added a grey cloth diaper to your stash?  Which is your favorite?


Daily Cute Fluffy Bum – Planet Wise

Daily Cute Fluffy Bum - Planet Wise (Cloth Diaper Addicts)Check out Poppy from The Parenting Patch!  This little sprout is modeling a Planet Wise cover in Aqua Swirl.  Heather of The Parenting Patch likes to stuff her Planet Wise diaper covers with Best Bottom inserts, but I’m a fan of using Flip inserts instead.

Where to buy Planet Wise covers: Kelly’s Closet (US), Kissed by the Moon (US/Can), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Can)

Considering Using Cloth Diapers? It Doesn’t Have to Be Exclusive…

Using Cloth Diapers doesn't have to be all or noneWow.  Congratulations to The Stiletto Files on expecting TRIPLETS!  I’m not sure if my sanity could handle that many little people all at once.  Maybe a reality show?  Either way, congratulations on this special time!  I know that you’re considering using cloth diapers, and I totally get your concerns.  Three babies at once is a lot of work (and expense), anyway you slice it.

From your blog post, I gathered that the most appealing part of using cloth diapers is the savings.  After all, with three babies, you’re going to go through diapers by the pallet!  Even buying disposable diapers at stores like Costco or Sam’s Club, it’s still going to be a very expensive proposition.

The biggest draw of disposable diapers seems to be the convenience factor.  I totally get that.  I think you might find yourself surprised to find that using cloth diapers is, in some ways, more convenient than disposable diapers.  Obviously, from the title of my blog, I love using cloth diapers and I encourage anyone with regular access to a washing machine to use them, too.

Here’s what I’m going to suggest for you:

Keep a case of disposable diapers on hand at all times.  Use them for when you’re taking all of them out.   Use them for overnights.

Take a tour through this site and find out a bit about life while using cloth diapers.  Discover that using cloth diapers is perfectly doable with more than one.  In fact, I find it actually easier.  Sure, I do some extra laundry… but nowhere near as much extra laundry as you would think.

For one, you’ll find that you’ll do less laundry with cloth because you’ll spend less time dealing with blowouts and other forms of poop-splosions.  Pay a visit to Nicki’s Diapers so that you can order an array of cloth diapers to try out on your new bundles.  Due to the sheer volume of children you’ll be dealing with, I strongly encourage you to try something like Best Bottom diapers.  The snap in inserts are great for absorption and the shells are awesome for containing hideous poo.  (Hey, mine managed a prune explosion.  It doesn’t get much nastier than that.)  They’re cost effective.  They’re really cute.

For a convenient all-in-one diaper, then you might want to take a look at the BumGenius Freetime diaper.  You get the fun of using cloth diapers, but more free time because you don’t actually have to put anything together.

Consider getting a Planet Wise hanging wet/dry bag or a massive hanging wet bag from Cupcake Covers.  They’re cute, they hold in smells, and just plain work.  I’d actually suggest that you get three of whatever you get so that you’ve got one to wash, one to use, and one for back up.

I’d definitely suggest that you get things to make the clean up process easier, like a diaper sprayer and/or fleece liners.

Ultimately, you’ll do what’s best for you and your family, right?  Whatever you decide, good luck!  With three babies, you’ll need it.

What suggestions do you, gentle readers, have for a mom-to-be who is expecting multiples?

Storing Dirty Cloth Diapers

When I had first decided that I wanted to use cloth with Norton, I had a lot of questions.  One of the things that I wasn’t sure about was storing dirty cloth diapers.  My only real life experience with using cloth diapers was when my sister used flats on my niece.  (My niece is an adult now, so flats were about as good as it gets back then.)  I knew how my sister stored diapers, but that was about it.

It turns out that caring for modern cloth diapers is a bit different than how my sister cared for diapers back in the early 1990’s… or how my mother cared for her cloth diapers back in the 1960’s and 1970’s. [Read more…]