Why Pocket Diapers Are So Popular (And a Review)

Why Pocket Diapers Are So Popular (And a Review)- ClothDiaperingAgain.comPocket diapers are one of the most popular types of cloth diapers out there.  They’re the second closest thing to disposables, and they’re pretty easy to use for those unfamiliar with cloth diapers.  Here are 5 reasons why pocket diapers are so popular and a review of Glow Bug Cloth Diapers. [Read more…]

Pocket Diapers as Diaper Covers? (Diaper Advice)

“Can I use pocket diapers as diaper covers?”

People who are just starting out with cloth often wonder about using pocket diapers as diaper covers.  After all, pocket diapers are cheap and plentiful and available in some really super cute patterns… but if we don’t have to use a new cover, then that can make using cloth diapers even more cost effective. [Read more…]

Pocket Diapers and Double Stuffing

I’ve long been a fan of pocket diapers.  Pocket diapers is how I started and it’s what makes up the majority of my cloth diaper stash.  As much as I love my cloth diaper stash, there’s a cloth diapering method that I absolutely do not do: I’m not down with double stuffing my pocket diapers.  In fact, I rarely get fancy with stuffing my pocket diapers.  I use the stuffing that the manufacturer designed to go along with it.

That’s not, of course, to say that I don’t recognize benefits to double stuffing pocket diapers.  To me, it’s a matter of determining when the benefits outweigh the risk.

Why Double Stuff Pocket Diapers?

Pocket Diapers and Double Stuffing (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

Admire that fluffy bum.

One of the benefits of using pocket diapers is that you have the ability to adjust the level of stuffing to give you the absorbency that you need.  For overnights, I’m a huge fan of stuffing the bedevil out of pocket diapers.  Of course, that’s also why I only use certain diapers for overnight cloth diapering: they need to have generous pockets to hold the inserts.  I’m particularly fond of pairing the AppleCheeks three layer bamboo inserts with microfiber for overnights.  I fold it long ways so that there are six layers of bamboo behind the microfiber.  If you double stuff in daytime, you can go longer between changes.

Why Single Stuff Pocket Diapers?

So, hold on a second.  If you double stuff, your diaper will hold more.  So why doesn’t everyone just double stuff their diapers?  There are lots of reasons for that.

Double stuffing adds bulk.  Sure, Norton can go through the entire night in a diaper without waking for a change.  However, he’s also so stuffed that he walks funny in his diapers.  (The first time I double stuffed pocket diapers for overnight use, I nearly fell over from laughing at Norton’s funny walk.)  And there’s absolutely no way he could wear jeans with that diaper.

Double stuffing isn’t bulletproof.  When double stuffing pocket diapers, one must be careful with what’s used.  For instance, double stuffing microfiber inserts might backfire.  While microfiber is a cheap insert material that absorbs very quickly, it’s also prone to compression leaks.  This can be better avoided by using a natural fiber material instead of or in addition to the microfiber insert.

Double stuffing may weaken the diaper.  Your pocket diapers have a limited amount of space.  If you double stuff the diaper, you may be putting too much pressure on the diaper’s construction.  First there’s the extra space of your hand in the pocket diaper as you stuff it.  Then there’s the space of the additional insert.  All that additional bulk can mean additional pulling at the stitching and the fabric, which can lead to construction failure faster than normal use.  In fact, when doing a warranty claim on one of my diapers, one of the questions asked by the manufacturer was how many inserts I used.  This leaves me wondering if double stuffing that diaper would have voided the warranty.  Regardless, though, of warranty claims, I love my diapers and want them to be around for a long time.

Do you double stuff your pocket diapers?

Thirsties Duo Cloth Diaper Review

I was really pleased when I found out that Cozy Bums, my local cloth diaper dealer, would be getting in the Thirsties Duo cloth diaper line.  I thought that the Scottish Rose diaper was just gorgeous and I really wanted to get it for my Eudora.  As soon as I got it, I was thrilled.  The Thirsties Duo cloth diaper in Scottish Rose was even more beautiful than I’d thought.

It wasn’t my first Thirsties Duo cloth diaper; I’d had one with a Velcro closure for Norton when he was smaller… but I sold it after discovering why we couldn’t have Velcro diapers in our house.  Now I might be on the verge of a full blow Thirsties Duo cloth diaper addiction.

Thirsties Duo Cloth Diaper Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The Thirsties Duo cloth diaper in sizes 1 and 2, both on smallest rise settings.

[Read more…]

What’s the Best Cloth Diaper Ever?

Whenever I’m preaching the gospel of using cloth diapers, the potential convert always has one question that’s just really, really hard.  Invariably, I get asked “Which one is the best cloth diaper?”

That’s always a tricky question.  You see, the answer is “It depends.”

That’s so not helpful, right?

I know.  I really, really get it.  I remember having that same question three years ago when I first decided that I wanted to use cloth diapers.  I was just barely pregnant with Norton and was researching like mad.  I couldn’t understand why on earth there was no cut and dry answer to the best cloth diaper question.

What does it depend on?  Well, there are a variety of different issues that can impact the answer.

Price point.  If you can’t afford to spend $30 on a diaper, then telling you how much I love a particular premium brand won’t help you at all.  If anything, it’ll just make it seem like cloth diapering is completely and utterly out of your reach.

Style.  There are several styles of cloth diapers.  All in ones, pockets, all in twos, hybrids, fitted, contours, prefolds, and flats.  Then once you get into those styles, you’ll have a billion different brands to choose from.  Before you can even tackle the brand, knowing the type will be super helpful.  Then you start getting into styles of closures, like Velcro vs. snap and front snap vs. side snaps.  There isn’t one that’s inherently better or worse.  It’s all a matter of personal preference, as each has its own pros and cons.

Your baby.  This is the most crucial, individual thing of all.  Babies are delightfully squirmly, wiggly creatures that come in all different shapes.  Some are born chunky with little Michelin man rolls and larger thighs.  Others are born with little scrawny chicken legs.  Sometimes your baby’s shape will change enough that you may not prefer the same diaper from birth to potty training, even if it does technically fit.  A diaper that might work amazingly well on one child (or even one of your own children) may not work as well on another child (or your next child).  Plus, as your own proficiency level changes, you may be more interested in experimenting with other diapers.

Be careful, though, because that’s what happened to me.  And now, I’m a total cloth diaper addict!   Hopefully you’ll find answers to all of your cloth diapering questions on this site.