Using Cloth Diapers & Coping with Poop

What about cleaning poop?

It’s actually not that difficult.  There are a few different methods.  It’s just a matter of what your “squick” factor is.

Swish and dunk: Dunk the soiled diaper in the toilet and shake it around, or flush it while you’re holding onto the diaper, to get the poo off.

Scrape: Some people will use a designated spatula to scrape the poo off.

Flushable liners: Another method is to line the diaper with a flushable liner and then just flush the mess.

Spray it away: If you have a diaper sprayer, you can use that to just spray the poop away into the toilet.  It works like a sink sprayer in the kitchen, except it attaches to the toilet.

Or if you have a breastfed baby, you can always just throw the whole thing in the wash.

The whole poop thing sounds like way too much work.

Not at all.  It doesn’t take much effort to get the poo into the toilet.  If you get lucky like I did with my son, your kid may produce poo that’s solid enough to just fall off the diaper and into the toilet.  But really, you should be flushing the poop even if it’s in a disposable diaper.  It prevents pollution, like keeping it out of the groundwater supply.

Not only that, but you should not have blow outs.  Think about the blow outs that happen in a sposie.  You will end up having to clean the outfit, clean the baby, and possibly clean yourself and whatever the baby touched.  Because cloth diapers contain explosive poop so much better, you’re actually less likely to get poop on yourself than you are with a disposable… even though it’s slightly more labor intensive.

Give it a chance.  And if you have any questions, you can always leave me a message or PM me at the Cloth Diaper Addicts Facebook page!