Postpartum Questions and TMI

This afternoon, I was sitting on the couch wasting time on Facebook.  A mom had some postpartum questions, but she was concerned about TMI… so she wanted to discuss it via PM.  I can totally understand the desire to not want to discuss what’s going on under your undies with 2400 women.

However, here’s the thing to remember: there’s no such thing as TMI when discussing postpartum questions on a mommy Facebook group.  Every single one of us is either pregnant, trying to be pregnant, or have had children.  Those of us who have birthed some babies have had that wonderful, long lasting postpartum bleeding session.  There is bound to have been someone who has had whatever your bleeding question might be, from the barely there blessing to the “OMG, there’s a crime scene in my pants!”  Some of us have had stitches, either under the undies or across the abs.  Some of us have had stitches from tearing, some from episiotomy. [Read more…]