New Cloth Diaper Release – AMP, AppleCheeks, Blueberry, Funky Fluff & FuzziBunz!

It’s been a huge week in terms of new cloth diaper release announcements!  To recap, we’ve got a whole bunch of new cloth diaper prints and colors to choose from.  There have been new cloth diaper release announcements from AMP, AppleCheeks, Blueberry, Funky Fluff, and FuzziBunz! [Read more…]

Ella Bella Bum Trainers Review

Just before Christmas, I got something pretty awesome from Sam at Ella Bella Bum.  She sent out some Ella Bella Bum Trainers for testers… and we tested like you wouldn’t believe with Norton.  I’ve been meaning to write a post to extoll the virtues of the new Ella Bella Bum trainers, but I have to admit that I’ve been a little reluctant.  (And not because of the quality.)

Here’s the run down:

Ella Bella Bum Trainers Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)About Ella Bella Bum Trainers

Like all Ella Bella Bum products, the Ella Bella Bum trainers are proudly made in Canada at the EBB shop in Welland, Ontario.  They are sized in small, medium, and large, with the intention of fitting 2T, 3T, and 4T respectively.  The Ella Bella Bum trainers have a hidden layer of PUL and adjustable side snaps.  The outer is a cotton knit for extra stretchy ability.  Like most trainers, these are intended to hold roughly one pee and will ensure that your child feels the wetness.

What’s Awesome About Ella Bella Bum Trainers

Like all EBB products, the Ella Bella Bum trainers are quite unique.  Instead of a mass produced, standard product made in a factory overseas, you’re getting a product designed by a mom with some funky, fun prints.  Norton’s Ella Bella Bum trainers has an orange stretchy knit band, yellow stretch panels with orange snaps, and astronaut puppies on a navy background.  Elements of the orange and yellow are found on the astronaut puppies.  He calls those particular undies his “Space Puppies.”Ella Bella Bum Trainers (Cloth DIaper Addicts)

I was reluctant, at first, because Norton had considered anything with snaps on them to be a diaper.  (And that’s part of why I had no love for Flip trainers.)  In this case, though, the fact that the rest of the construction resembles underwear made all the difference.  The snaps made it possible to get a better fit on Norton, while the stretchiness of the panels made it easy for Norton to pull them up and down.

As promised by Sam when she was making them, they really do hold about one pee.  The outside of the trainers may become wet if it’s enough of a pee (and not just a dribble as your little runs off to the potty), but you will not find a puddle on your floor.  This means that they are most definitely not suitable for naps or overnights if your little one will flood a diaper during those times, but they work quite well for potty training.

I have to admit, though Norton is actually potty trained, we still use trainers in his wardrobe because they are just so darned cute.  It’s how this addict is managing to wean herself off of diapers.

What’s Not Awesome About Ella Bella Bum Trainers

This one part that is not awesome is part of why I put off on writing this review for so long.

It has nothing to do with the quality.  (As always, I’m impressed with the quality that comes from the Ella Bella Bum team.)

It’s actually a little bit of selfishness on my part.  Ella Bella Bum trainers sell out so quickly at stockings that I was kind of sort of keeping it a bit of a secret so that I could have a better chance of getting some more for myself when she has them on sale!

The Bottom Line

The price point on Ella Bella Bum trainers is a bit higher than most brands: $30 a pair.  But like most EBB products, they’ll hold their resale value nicely.  There’s also the added benefit of knowing that they are ethically made in Canada by a small mom-owned business.  Functionally, they work exactly as intended.  I totally recommend them.  (But please, any size but boy friendly medium, as those are what I buy for Norton!)

You can find Ella Bella Bum trainers at the Ella Bella Bum store.  Stockings are on Thursdays and sell out in minutes!

Best Bottom Trainer Review

Potty training.  The bane of my existence.  When it’s time for potty training (or potty learning, whatever), getting the right pair of underwear for your toddler can make all the difference.  For Norton, I found that the Best Bottom trainer was a great trainer.

Best Bottom Trainer Style

The Best Bottom trainer is a sized trainer that looks a lot like underwear on the outside.  The inside is lined with PUL and the trainer is designed to be used with particular inserts by Best Bottom.  Another great thing is that they are made in the USA!

Best Bottom Trainer Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

What’s Awesome About the Best Bottom Trainer

The Best Bottom trainer is often sold in a pack with three feel wet inserts.  However, just because your little one is begging to wear underwear, that doesn’t mean that he necessarily gets the idea.  (I know that Norton didn’t.)  And sometimes, it’s good to have extra wetness protection.  With that in mind, you can use the Best Bottom diaper inserts in sizes small and medium.  It’s also possible to just get through the entire day in one trainer, particularly if you change inserts.Best Bottom Trainer Review (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

The design also makes it easy for your toddler to pull the underwear up and down.  The lack of side snaps make it feel more like underwear and less like a diaper to my boy.  I find the price (typically around $25 CDN/$23 USD) to be pretty reasonable, especially considering how many uses you can get out of the Best Bottom Trainer.

What’s Not Awesome About the Best Bottom Trainer

There are very few colors in the Best Bottom Trainer line up: blue, green, pink, purple, and white.  I’d love to see more fun colors and prints involved!  I like to match my son’s underwear to his clothing just as much as I enjoyed matching his diapers.  The lack of side snapping, while awesome for feeling like underwear, sucks if there’s a poo.  I also find that the fabric flap can get wet on my son, which leads to me putting a shell in the wet bag earlier than planned.  I’m also not too keen on the instructions calling for a warm wash instead of a hot wash.  That means that I either a.) have to do a separate load with my cloth diaper safe detergent or b.) have to wash them on the “wrong” setting.  I wash mine on hot, anyway, because washing something that my kid defecates in on warm is just… gross.

In a Nutshell?

The Best Bottom Trainer isn’t perfect, but it’s my absolute favorite trainer to date.  And it’s one of Norton’s too.  If it only had a picture of Lightening McQueen, he’d never want to wear anything else.

Have you used the Best Bottom trainer?

Where to buy: CozyBums (Canada), Kissed by the Moon (US/Canada), Nicki’s Diapers (US/Canada)

Balanitis and Judgment Fears

I have been struggling with potty training Norton.  There are days that he goes to the potty and it’s no problem.  Then there are weeks when he fights, refuses to go, holds it for eight hours at a time, begs for diapers, and does anything he possibly can to block potty training.  A couple of weeks ago, I left a status on my Facebook page about taking Norton to the hospital.  He was peeing and little drops of blood were showing up in the toilet.  His little penis (or what he calls his pee pee… with no encouragement from us) was just not right.  We ultimately got a diagnosis of balanitis. [Read more…]

Preschool Potty Training – I’m Clueless

I have to admit, I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to preschool potty training.  We were almost there… except for the pooping thing.  Then, of course, there was the whole potty training progress being completely undone.  The day before yesterday, I was ready to cry uncle.  I was done.  I’d decided to just give in and accept the fact that Norton would wear diapers until university.

I was tired of everything being a fight.Preschool Potty Training - I'm Clueless (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

I know that part of the frustration with preschool potty training is that Norton just plain does not care if he’s wet.  Or if he’s poopy.  Or if he stinks.  It’s kind of funny: last summer, if Norton fell in the dirt, he’d cry for me to come help him up.  He didn’t want to touch the ground and get dirty.  Now?  He has become such a boy that he could roll in the sewer and not really care.  That had more than a small amount of impact on his lack of interest in preschool potty training.

I wasn’t sure what to do.  I tried getting him to to potty.  However, he managed to hold his bladder for eight freaking hours.  I was beyond done.  I threw my hands up in the air and put him back in a diaper.

Then there was yesterday.  I pulled his overnight diaper off with minimal fighting.  He ran around naked and went potty.  He went outside and played in clothes and underwear.  No accidents.  He actually told me “pee pee potty!” a couple of times.  We had exactly one accident the entire day.  And that was with him wearing underwear some of the time.

I’m not going to declare that we have suddenly mastered preschool potty training.  It is, however, a good start.  I’ll take it.  I’m hoping that today will be even better.  (And I find it interesting that he decides to cooperate when I’ve decided to just give up.)

How long did it take for your little to have potty training down pat?


Potty Training Derailed

We’ve had a lot of trials and tribulations with potty training.  Considering our early successes with elimination communication, I never dreamed that Norton would be in diapers at the age of three.  Heck, I figured we’d be done with potty training (and diapers) by the time he was two.

Ha.Potty Training Derailed (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

After a lot of struggles, we had Norton very nearly potty trained.  He was happiest wearing his Cars underwear and would go “pee pee potty” on his own.  Mind you, we were getting absolutely nowhere with getting him to “poop in potty,” no matter how many nifty potty chairs we bought him or how many times we watched Elmo’s Potty Time.  When he had a bout with diarrhea at the beginning of June, our potty training efforts were shot.  I gave up and put him back in diapers after having to shampoo the couch.  In hindsight, that was probably a mistake.  I would have most likely been better off keeping him in underwear but putting a Bummis cover over to protect from poopsplosions.  But I didn’t, and now I have to deal with the consequences of that decision.

After the diarrhea cleared up, he refused to use the potty at all.  All the ground that we had made up was completely and utterly lost.  On Tuesday, he asked to use the potty.  It was only once, and he went.  I was thrilled.  I had decided that we were going to try the three day potty training method on Wednesday… and found that he had explosive diarrhea that flooded the bed.  Once again, potty training plans were derailed.

At this point, I’m beginning to think that we’re going to be in diapers forever.  Maybe, if I’m lucky, we’ll get potty training done before he gets to university.  Maybe.

Have you struggled with potty training?  How did you finally get it done?

Toddler Style – Norton Gets Canadian (Thanks, Charlie Banana!)

Everyone who has ever raised a toddler knows that toddler style can be rather… well, random.  Toddler style dictates that something may not need to be in season in order to be a favorite item.  Toddler style also dictates that color coordination is optional.

In the winter time, we tried and tried to get Norton to wear his hat.  It’s a hat with fur on the inside and ear flaps.  The only thing that screams “I am Canadian” more than that hat is a Molson beer commercial.

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Toddler Potty Training – Help Me, Elmo!

It’s time.  I need to get down with toddler potty training.  I’m not 100% sure that Norton is ready for toddler potty training.  I have zero idea of what I’m doing.  What I do know is this: I’m over toddler diaper changes being battles to the death.  I don’t enjoy a little boy that runs and hides to avoid it and doesn’t care how wet or stinky his butt may be.  Anything, to him, is better than suffering the indignity of having his butt hoisted up and getting wiped off with one of those dreadfully ticklish baby wipes.

I know that Norton hates getting his butt changed… and I know that he’s far less violent if I just keep him in Charlie Banana swim diapers (which double as training pants).  He likes his “big boy underwear” (which he calls “be-boy”).  He loves wearing those enough that he’ll pick out a pair… and not kick me in the face when it’s time to put them on.  I also know what he loves best in the world: Elmo.

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