Baby Formula Pulled from Washington Shelves

I’ve fed all three of my children baby formula. So far, I’ve been fortunate to never find the baby formula that I use to nourish my babies on a recall list or pulled from grocery store shelves. Last night, I read an eye opening article. It surprised me and made me more than a little sad about how far some people would go to make a buck.

Earth’s Best Organic Soy baby formula has been pulled from the shelves of QFC and Fred Meyers stores in the Seattle area after a parent in Kirkland, Washington found that a label had been peeling away to show a label of a cheaper brand of formula beneath. My first thought was “Oh, factory mistake.”. I’m apparently a little naive, though, as Kroger (the owner of QFC and Fred Meyer) pulled the product off the shelf. Their reasoning for pulling was due to a far more insidious reason than my mistake theory: product tampering.

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