Public Breastfeeding – Why is this an Issue?

There are a lot of parenting issues out there.  Some of these parenting issues are crucial, both to the health of the individual and the health of the majority (vaccinations).  Some of these parenting issues are a matter of prerogative.  (How ’bout using cloth diapers or babywearing?)  And some of these parenting issues are absolutely stupid.

Yes, I said it.  It is stupid.  And the number one on my “this is stupid” list is public breastfeeding.

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How to Encounter the Wrath of an Angry Mom

There are some things that make me an angry mom.  Or at least an irritated one… like the assumption that my husband baby-sits instead of parents.  Or when Norton decides to dive bomb off the back the couch and somehow hurt my back.  Because I love my children, I do my best to exercise restraint when the angry mom comes out.

This morning, though, I did not exercise any restraint on the angry mom beast within.  Well, I tried to keep my voice down, but that was it.  So what brought out the mommy rage?

Let me tell you a little story.

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An Involved Father Doesn’t Baby-Sit

My husband is a wonderfully involved father.  There are things that he’s done with our children that I haven’t, even though I’m a stay at home mom.  Those things are part of his role as an involved father.

I seldom take care of Norton’s bath.  It’s been something that he’s done with his daddy since coming home from the hospital.  It’s entirely possible for me to go months without giving Norton a bath or putting him to bed.  I have never given my daughter a bath.  I rarely put her to bed at night.  Those are all part of Daddy’s rituals.

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Baby Onesie Slogans – Some Aren’t Exactly Cute

Norton rocking an appropriate baby onesie slogan.

I love, love, love pithy baby onesie slogans.  The ones from Think Geek are often particularly awesome, like “I am the reason we can’t have nice things” and “Geekling.”  I love and kept some of the ones from when Norton was a baby, like “Daddy is my hero!”  But not all baby onesies slogans and designs are particularly awesome.  Actually, there are a few that I would never, ever put on my kid.  Not even if you paid me.  In fact, I would probably burn some of them.

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Looking for a Great Family Dog? Try Your Local Shelter

T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie, adopted from BC SPCA North Cariboo branch seven years ago.

I am, admittedly, a dog person.  I think that often the only thing missing to complete a family is a great family dog.  I’ve been fortunate.  Not only do I have Winston the Wonder Chihuahua, I also have T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie.  She is the very definition of a great family dog.

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Bullying, Parenting, Decision Making, and Court Complaints

While perusing my Facebook today, I found that an article was trending.  In this article, a teenaged girl who took bullying too far and into the realm of assault went to court.  The judge offered a deal for a reduced sentence.  The mother took it.  And now mommy is crying foul, claiming that she felt intimidated.

What happened?  Well, this brat and her friend decided that it was great fun to bully a three year old by cutting off the kid’s hair.  The mom of the three year old handled it amazingly well: rather than beating those little monsters to a pulp for daring to touch her child, she took it through the legal system.  A brat was found guilty, and the judge offered a deal: reduction of community service if Mom cut off the culprit’s hair.  Right there in the court room.  Mom did it, but now she’s whining and filing a complaint against the judge.

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That Loving Family Pet is a Lifetime Commitment

I should state for the record that I am an absolute nut when it comes to the dogs.  Winston the Wonder Chihuahua and T’akaya the Brilliant Border Collie are spoiled rotten and add a lot to the family.  So that puts this under the category of rant.  Consider yourself forewarned.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of animals being rehomed on my local buy/sell page.  This is something that I have a really hard time relating to; rehoming has always been something done with friends and family on the rare occasions that it’s been done at all.  It’s never been done because we just plain couldn’t keep an animal for some reason.  It’s always been because the friend/family member essentially fell in love with that pet and the feeling was mutual…. plus, for some reason, my parents had determined that they needed that pet more than we did.  A little old lady family friend who had recently lost her spouse.  A lonely grandmother.  A confirmed bachelor who was terribly lonely after his hounddog died.  It’s things of that nature.

It’s hard for me to imagine just not being able to keep a pet for some reason.  It’s even harder for me to imagine giving a pet that I loved and adored, who was part of the family, to strangers.

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I Know How to Verify – Gratitude Project #17

Of all the things that I’d figured would eventually come up in my Gratitude Project posts, I’m surprised at this one.  However, after all of the nonsense that keeps showing up on Facebook, I’ve realized that knowing how to use Google is definitely Gratitude Project worthy.  Every few months, we all see this: someone posts something stupid and gets everyone in a tizzy.  My favorite ones (and by “favorite,” I mean the ones that most make me want to gouge out my own eyes) are the fake Amber Alerts and the Facebook Will Charge You frenzy.

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