Big Hugs Elmo Gets No Love

I’ve been waiting for a recall announcement to come out on the Big Hugs Elmo doll.  I kept expecting it to come out any moment now, but have been disappointed by Hasbro’s refusal to issue a recall.  Why?

Big Hugs Elmo Gets No Love (Cloth Diaper AddictsWell, it turns out that there’s more to the furry little monster than spindly arms and complaints of being hugged too tight.  There have been reports of batteries melting in the little guy.  As soon as I heard about it on Facebook (it happened legit to a friend of a friend, not an “I’m hearing this thing that happened to a friend of a friend’s mom’s aunt’s cousin’s wife’s sister-in-law’s niece” thing), I pulled the batteries out of mine and called Wal-Mart.  Yes, we could return it, no problem… and they’d already had two returned that day for the same reason in the Prince George store. [Read more…]

Ground Beef, Recalls, and Safe Handling

Recalls happen.  I know that they do; I’ve been writing about various consumer product safety recalls for years.  Until now, the only experiences I’ve had with consumer product safety recalls have been with things I’ve bought for my kids: our Phil & Ted Sport stroller was recalled (and quickly handled by the company) and, more recently, our Bumbo seat.

I’ve never had a recall impact my dinner plans before.

Yesterday, I was enjoying some quiet time with no children.  They actually took a nap at the same time, so I was able to enjoy a bit of downtime with no one climbing on me.  The phone rang, and I quickly snatched it up before Eudora (who may very well be the world’s lightest sleeper in the baby category) woke up.  I heard a recorded message.  Usually I hang up on those, but this time I listened.

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