Sesame Street Live – The Morning After

Norton had a fantastic time at Sesame Street Live last Wednesday.  He was so engrossed in the show that he really didn’t need any of the swag that I’d gotten him.  He had some popcorn and apple juice to enjoy during the show, and that was pretty much all he needed.  After the show, he was so exhausted that all he had to say when we got in the drive way was “night” and “bed.”

The husband and I decided that we’d go ahead and put everything out the next morning before Norton got up.  While he was changing Norton and getting him ready to face the day, I was putting out Norton’s souvenirs.  It was a good call.  The last time I saw him this excited to come into the living room was on Christmas morning when he saw his Let’s Rock Elmo toy and accessories set up under the tree just waiting for him to play.

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Enjoying Sesame Street Live

When I first learned about Sesame Street Live months ago, I searched furiously to find a show in our area.  When I did that first search, I found that the closest one listed was in Kelowna, six hours away.  Ouch.  I knew that Norton would love to see Elmo in person, but I also knew that six hours in one direction was quite a haul for seeing a kid’s concert.  I was disappointed, but I kept hoping that Sesame Street Live would show up in Prince George.  (But I wasn’t going to hold my breath.)

I saw a Facebook post from one of my former supervisors about early tickets on the day the info was released.  I went nuts, called the husband, and told him we had to take Norton.  I got three tickets within minutes of the tickets being announced.

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