Kids Getting Along Is Magical

I’m amazed.  Today, Norton and Eudora are playing rather well together.  They’re mostly playing in his room… and I haven’t had to get up to intervene.  I realized that it was going to be a nice moment of kids getting along when Eudora ran out of Norton’s room.  She wasn’t running out crying.  He wasn’t chasing after her yelling angrily because she took off with one of his toys. [Read more…]

Toddler Empathy Warms My Heart

I’ve always wondered about how one would teach one’s child empathy.  I kind of figured that it would be something that children would learn as they started to realize that other people had feelings, too.  Or, you know, I guess during one of those special moments of toddler awareness or something.  Last night, I had a beautiful moment of toddler empathy that just…  Wow.  It almost made me a little teary.

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Sibling Bonding – Norton’s a Good Big Brother

Most parents worry about having a new baby.  How will the older child adapt?  How will I divide my attention?  I’m no different.  It turns out that, well, aside from some brief issues with toddler separation anxiety, I was worrying about nothing on the sibling bonding front.  It looks like sibling bonding is going very well… and it helps that Norton is such a very good big brother to Eudora.

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