Simplee by Nuggles – A Canadian Delight

When Bethany from The Little Sprout asked me if I wanted to review the Simplee by Nuggles all-in-two, I was interested.  I’d heard of Nuggles and knew that it was Canadian.  Last year, I borrowed a cloth diapering friend with a newborn to review the Nuggles newborn diapers, so why not?  After all, it’s an opportunity to try something new and give an unbiased opinion!

I received the Simplee by Nuggles in Sirinity with a bamboo inner.  That suited me because lately, I’ve been all about making sure that Eudora feels the wet since we’re at that point where she’s ready to housebreak physically, even if she has no inclination to do so at this time.

Simplee by Nuggles Review - Cloth Diaper Addicts

About The Little Sprout

The Little Sprout is a small cloth diaper shop in Petawawa, Ontario run by the ever charming Bethany.  The Little Sprout carries a growing selection of cloth diapers, cloth diaper accessories, baby carriers, mama cloth, and more!  And for the discerning Canadian who wants to support Canadian companies, a large portion of her stock is either made in Canada or made by a Canadian owned business.

About Nuggles

Nuggles is a Canadian owned cloth diaper manufacturer who has their diapers made overseas.  The diapers were designed at a kitchen table in Canada by a mom who wanted the best solution for her baby.  Now the diapers are ethically made in China and are 100% CPSIA compliant.

About the Simplee by Nuggles

The Simplee by Nuggles all-in-two is designed to be used either as an all-in-two or as a pocket diaper.  The inner fabric is a bamboo and it includes two bamboo inserts that can be used individually or as a pair.  These inserts are designed to snap into the interior of the diaper as well.  If you stuff, snapping in the insert is optional and the inserts are designed to agitate out in the wash.  Additionally, there’s a strip of PUL in the front of the diaper to prevent wicking in the front. The Simplee also has a double gusset and a hip snap to prevent wing droop.  The rise is adjusted in in front with four levels of snap rise, giving five levels of height adjustment.  The Simplee by Nuggles is designed to fit from 8-40 pounds.


What I like about the Simplee by Nuggles

There’s really only one word that I have to describe the Simplee by Nuggles: trim.  I use both inserts on Eudora because she decides when she’d like a diaper change these days instead of me.  Even with both inserts, it’s still exceptionally trim.  Eudora is at the stage of having blessedly ploppable poo, but the double gussets would be fabulous at the runny poo stage.  If, however, you’re in the peanut butter poop stage, the double gussets aren’t of the obnoxious variety that are difficult to spray out since the second gusset is PUL.  Since I want Eudora to feel wetness, I love the bamboo interior of the Simplee.  I can realistically see the diaper fit up to 4o pounds, as Eudora is on the fourth row of rise snaps.  There’s still another rise for her to go, and she’s twenty-eight pounds.

While I use the Simplee by Nuggles as a pocket, the diaper is designed so that you may stuff it as a pocket or snap the inserts on top like an all-in-two.  The benefit to snapping, of course, is that it stays put.  Even better?  Nuggles has some gorgeous prints, some of which I’ve only seen on high end European diapers that are not readily available in North America.


What I don’t like about the Simplee by Nuggles

Because of the bamboo, I find that it takes longer than I’d like to dry.  Bamboo inners are quite slow to dry on any diaper because of the nature of the fabric, though, so it’s not really a surprise.  Additionally, Eudora is a really light wetter and I still need to use two inserts for it to last several hours.  I suspect that a heavy wetter would require additional boosting.

In a nutshell?  If you’re looking for a light, adjustable diaper in a myriad of prints, the Simplee by Nuggles is a great option.

How to Get Simplee by Nuggles

If you’re in Canada, pay a visit to The Little Sprout and purchase a Simplee by Nuggles for your very own!  Or you can be REALLY lucky and win one for yourself.  The Little Sprout is giving away one in-stock Simplee by Nuggles to TWO lucky Canadians!