Coping with Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to deal with pelvic pain during pregnancy this time around.  I really was.  That particular pain during pregnancy kicked in towards the third trimester with Norton.  This time?  I didn’t even make it to the eight week mark.

But that’s all right.  There’s one good thing about having dealt with the pain during pregnancy of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction previously: I certainly know what to expect.  I know that there is absolutely nothing medically that can be done to treat it.  But I do know that I can do things to reduce my pelvic pain during pregnancy. [Read more…]

What if I’m Carrying Twins? #Throwback

I haven’t even had my first prenatal ultrasound yet, but still, every now and again I think of the possibility of carrying twins.  After all, I do keep feeling that weird rolling sensation, and my research has indicated that ridiculously early (like first trimester early) fetal movement is a sign of carrying twins.

This does not appeal to me. [Read more…]