Catching Up on Seventeen Weeks Pregnant – Doppler Time!

I’ve been fairly horrid about blogging my pregnancy experience this time around.  Really, I need to get better about the weekly updates since keeping this blog is the closest I come to either pregnancy or baby books.  So, with that in mind, here’s what life was like for us at seventeen weeks pregnant.  (I realize that I’m a little late at writing about being seventeen weeks pregnant, particularly considering I’m twenty-one weeks pregnant today.  But better late than never, right?)

At sixteen weeks pregnant, I was getting nervous because of the lack of fetal movement.  Sure, I knew intellectually that it was probably just an anterior placenta cushioning the movement, but that didn’t make me any less of a basket case.  So when I hit seventeen weeks pregnant, I didn’t have this wonderful reassurance that all was good.  You know, that confident feeling that your pregnancy is going to stick around until you’ve got a kid once you start experiencing that fetal movement?  At least, not until I made it to Dr. K’s office for a quick prenatal visit. [Read more…]

Fifteen Weeks Pregnant (and Sixteen, too) – A Nervous Update

I’m eighteen weeks pregnant.  Wow.  When I think about how quickly it seems like I got to the point of being eighteen weeks pregnant, I can’t help but be amazed.  I’ve been slow about blogging about my pregnancy lately just because it seems like life is busy and I missed one week, then I wanted to catch up before I wrote about the following week and so on.  The end result has been that there hasn’t been much documentation between fourteen weeks pregnant and eighteen weeks pregnant.  Particularly considering I hit nineteen weeks tomorrow.  Wow.

So, quick recap on being fifteen weeks pregnant and sixteen weeks pregnant:

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