A Smart Toddler Uses Problem Solving Skills

One of the fun things about being a mom to a smart toddler is watching his mind at work.  It’s like all the effort that Norton wasn’t willing to put into talking, he put into being a little engineer.  Yesterday my little engineer demonstrated some pretty smart toddler reasoning skills.  Had it not been for him using those reasoning skills to get into things, it would have been pretty impressive.

Norton was playing with some crackers and making quite a mess.  (Not to mention teasing the dogs.)  The husband lost patience with it, took the crackers, and put them on top of the kitchen counter.  The crackers were just out of Norton’s reach.

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Counting Toddler Success

I was more than amazed when Norton taught himself the alphabet.  Since I was all about getting him to use more words in order to beat that toddler language delay, that wasn’t a toddler success that was even on my radar.  However, Norton’s showing me that he’s more than capable of surprising me with the things that he’s been able to pick up when I’m not particularly paying great attention.  His toddler success stories go beyond the alphabet.  He’s also taught himself numbers and counting.

He’d learned to recognize the numbers one through ten through his alphabet bus toy.  Even still, though, I figured it was just recognition of numbers, not an outright understanding of counting.  It shocked the heck out of me when he started counting along with the Count on Sesame Street.  I wanted to see if he was just repeating the Count or if he actually knew the numbers, so I asked him to come help me put Eudora’s diapers away.

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Promoting Early Reading – Now What?

I’ve always endeavored to promote early reading for Norton.  Before he was even born, I started acquiring books for him.  I did the same thing for his big brother Andy, too.  With Andy, there was a lot of reading Dr. Seuss.  With Norton, though, my focus on early reading took a back seat to working past his toddler language delay.

Now that he’s starting to catch up on his toddler language delay issues, I’m moving back into early reading.  Honestly, though, renewed focus on promoting early reading comes from Norton using a toy to teach himself the alphabet.

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How My Smart Toddler Taught Himself the Alphabet

The Little Scholastic Bilingual Alphabet and Number Bus

I’ve always known that Norton is a smart toddler.  He’s got the mind of a little engineer; he has to figure out how everything works.  Of course, having a smart toddler means that child proof locks aren’t always effective, but that’s just how things work.

There’s one area of Norton’s education that I’d been seriously neglecting.  I hadn’t bothered with putting much attention on teaching him his letters and numbers.  I was too busy worrying about Norton’s toddler language delay.  While I was busy worrying and focusing on other things, Norton was busy learning.

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The Subtleties of Toddler Communication

It’s kind of funny… for all of the troubles that Norton and I have had with toddler communication, Norton generally doesn’t have a hard time with making himself understood.  I’ve been a big blob of blah.  I know that I have been.  I’m pretty sure it can be difficult for Norton to cope with a Mom who has difficulties getting off of the couch sometimes… but today, he managed to work around my doldrums with some toddler communication in a not too subtle manner. [Read more…]