Postpartum Fitness and Becoming a Super Mommy

I’ve had so many goals on my quest to become a “super mommy” that I had to break them down in parts to make it more doable.

Goal 1: Keep up the house.

Goal 2: Cook dinner

Goal 3: Take Norton and Eudora to the park every day

Goal 4: Read Norton a story every day

Goal 5: Focus on postpartum fitness and health.  (Or, work out every day.)

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From Overwhelmed Mom to Super Mommy

Just a little over two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about being an overwhelmed mom who needed to remember that she can’t do it all.  I have to say, what a difference two weeks makes.  Last week, I started making the transition from an overwhelmed mom to… well, not exactly super mommy, but it’s getting closer.

I finally got my house clean.  Or at least, partially clean.  Last Sunday, I had time since the kids were cooperative to clean the upstairs.  I cleaned both kids’ rooms, the living room, the bathroom, and the kitchen.  I got all of the laundry folded and put away.  It was good.  I felt instantly relaxed because I wasn’t surrounded with chaos.  I wanted to keep it that way.

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