Cloth Diaper Laundry Routine #clothdiaperhop

Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013 I’ve noticed through the years that a cloth diaper laundry routine is something that almost everyone seems to struggle with at some point.  I was absolutely one of those people.  Once I finally got my cloth diaper laundry routine down pat, I realized that “keep it simple, stupid” really does apply here.



My Step by Step Cloth Diaper Laundry Routine

My Cloth Diaper Laundry Routine (Cloth Diaper Addicts)1.) Pre-wash cycle.  I use Rockin Green Funk Rock ammonia bouncer as an additive because Norton produces very strong, very stinky pee.  Plus, since we cloth diaper overnight, Eudora’s morning diapers don’t exactly smell like roses.

2.) Extra long hot wash cycle.  I use around two tablespoons of Rockin Green Hard Rock detergent.

3.) Extra rinse and spin.

4.) Hang shells and all-in-one diapers to dry.  Dry inserts on high with some Woolzies dryer balls thrown in to reduce drying time.

Recent Changes to my Cloth Diaper Laundry Routine

1.) Norton has been having issues with cloth diaper rash around the elastics.  That he won’t let me wipe him when we have a wet diaper change doesn’t help.  To counteract that, I’ve been adding a drop of tea tree oil to the wash.  It’s working.

2.) I’ve been toying with the frequency of doing my cloth diaper laundry because I have two in cloth.  So far, every day and a half looks like the magic number, as two full days will be too long for the diapers to get truly clean.  I go through too many cloth diapers in two days.

That being said, there are variables that can influence your cloth diaper laundry routine.   What does your cloth diaper laundry routine look like?  Is it working for you?