Cloth Diaper Detergent – Does it Matter? (Diaper Advice)

“I don’t want to use some special cloth diaper detergent.  What if I just use whatever I have on hand?  Right now I think it’s Baby Purex.”

Don’t.  As much as I love using cloth diapers, a lot of people who want to don’t because of the initial start up investment.  I spent over $300 on diapers before my kid was even born, and that was with a volume discount.  I made the mistake of using Tide Free and Clear because the directions said that they were okay.  It took forever to get the stench out… and this was only after a month.  I was constantly stripping my diapers (without really knowing what I was doing) trying to get the stench out after I switched to a cloth diaper safe detergent.  I started using Country Save, and while my stinky cloth diapers didn’t stink any worse, they weren’t getting any better. [Read more…]

Stop Telling Me to Use Tide on Cloth Diapers

People, please.  Stop telling me to use Tide on cloth diapers.  No, really.  Just stop.

Just in case it’s not sinking in:

Stop telling me to use Tide on cloth diapers.Stop Telling Me to Use Tide on Cloth Diapers. (Cloth Diaper Addicts)

I don’t need to use Tide on cloth diapers.  Really.  I have a routine that already works for me.  I am not going to deviate from a perfectly functional cloth diaper laundry routine.  I am a Rockin’ Green acolyte for a reason: it works for my diapers.  In fact, it’s one of the top two diaper detergent choices in my city.  (Nellie’s is the other popular choice.)

I am not going to tell you that using Tide on cloth diapers is bad.  It works for some people.  There are some companies out there that recommend it.  Or there are some companies that recommend the Free and Clear Tide formula.

I should state that I’m not just anti-Tide for the heck of it.  I don’t write this to say that Tide is the devil and it will destroy your cloth diapers.  Really, most things won’t destroy your cloth diapers after just one use.

So why am I so anti-Tide for my personal diaper laundry use?

1.) I started out with using Tide on cloth diapers.  Just like FuzziBunz recommended, I used the Free and Clear version.  I was elated; that was the same detergent that I used on my regular laundry.  Within three months, I had such a horrid stink that I nearly quit cloth diapering.  Had it not been for sheer stubbornness, I would have given up.  In short: I tried it, and it was horrid.  For me.  For the variables in my laundry set up.

2.) We have fragrance sensitivities in my family.  The scent of Tide is one that we find bothersome.  Therefore, the Tide powder that many people love is not something that is welcome in my home.  I understand that other people use it and it works for them.  That’s GREAT!  No, really.  Finding a cloth diaper laundry routine that works for you, with whatever little tweaks you require from the basic “prewash, long hot wash, double rinse” routine can be difficult.

3.)  There really isn’t a third reason.  It just seems like whenever one is making a numbered list, there should be at least three reasons.

I will also never tell people who are using Tide on cloth diapers to stop.  It works for them.  But coming on my blog and leaving a profane comment and then DARING (yes, the word “dare” was used in the rejected comment) isn’t going to convert me to your cause.  So just stop.  It’s getting old.  I’m not going to change a routine that is working for us.  If my cloth diaper laundry routine ever stops being effective, then I’ll look for other alternatives.  Until then, no thank you.

What kind of unwanted cloth diapering advice have you received?