Hot Topic Tuesday – Are Locked Doors Safer or Hazardous?

I never thought that whether one did or didn’t lock a toddler in their bedrooms would be a hot topic.  Whether a parent is for or against door locks, there is one thing that they all agree on: it’s a safety issue.  Fire safety comes up a lot in this topic: pro-locked door parents prefer it because they know where their kid will be in the event of an emergency and can get to the child in a hurry.  Opponents of door locks denounce it because the kid doesn’t have a fighting chance at getting out on his or her own.

Me?  I fall under the category of “YAY for locks!” [Read more…]

Figuring out a Newborn Nursery – What About Norton?

I remember when I was pregnant with Norton, figuring out his newborn nursery was nothing short of a nightmare.  You see, with Andy, I lived at my parents’ house and he slept in my room.  I made a little newborn nursery in the corner of my bedroom because it was the best that I could do.  With Norton, I could do much better, and I did.  We spent months agonizing over every little detail.  We must have decided on five different sets of nursery furniture for Norton before we finally really did settle on one and order it.

That was just picking out the furniture.  Don’t even get me started on the decor.  Or the work on refinishing the room.

It looks like figuring out a room for McAfee/Eudora won’t be any easier.

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