October Daily Play – Cookie Time!

I set out with a parenting goal for October: every single day, I’m going to make a point of doing something awesome with my kids for at least fifteen minutes.  Our first day, I didn’t manage to include Eudora in our October daily play, but I did manage to do something pretty cool with Norton: we decorated cookies!

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Toddler Bonding through Song

Norton and I have had a variety of toddler bonding experiences.  Sometimes it’s over finger paints.  Other times it’s over Legos or pumpkin Rice Krispy treats.  One thing that our toddler bonding experiences seldom involve is song.

I’m guessing that Norton has a terribly sensitive sense of pitch or something.  When I sing or do anything vaguely sing-songy, he screeches at me.  I gave up on singing my children to sleep ages ago.  I still don’t have a lot of success with anything resembling singing, but there’s this one little thing that I managed to do once, and now Norton loves it.

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When a Fun Toddler Activity Isn’t

I had high hopes for enrolling Norton in gymnastics.  I was hoping for a fun toddler activity.  More specifically, I was hoping for a fun toddler activity where Norton would get to be around other kids and improve his toddler social skills.

I figured that Norton loves to run around and he loves to jump.  Jumping on the couch was a favored pastime.  He loved to do things with his daddy, and with a new baby on the way, gymnastics would be a guaranteed way for him to have some one on one time with either me or his dad.  With that in mind, why wouldn’t gymnastics be awesome for him?

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Toddler Bonding and Story Time at Home

From the very beginning, Norton has always been his daddy’s boy.  I’ve speculated on reasons behind it, of course, and I have theories.  But even so, toddler bonding has been something that I’ve always struggled with.  Norton has never been an extremely cuddly child… and has actually been the anti-cuddler.  Had it not been for my mother-in-law telling me that the husband was the exact same way as a child (and is still really only cuddly with me, our dogs, and our boy), I’d have wondered if I was doing something wrong and that was why the toddler bonding wasn’t really happening.

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This is what Being a Stay at Home Mom is About

Before the husband and I even got pregnant, we knew that being a stay at home mom was the best choice for us.  We knew what kind of parenting we wanted and how we wanted our family to go, and being a stay at home mom seemed like the best way for us to get that Norman Rockwell painting that we wanted.

The reality, of course, is that being a stay at home mom isn’t quite what I’d dreamed about.  In my fantasies about being a stay at home mom, I was always supermom, always ready with a healthy snack and a kind word.  Wielding my spatula with fierce accuracy to make absolutely amazing meals that the whole family would love.  My house would always be immaculate and my kid would always be happy.

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