Toddler Talking and Feeling the Love

I have been increasingly frustrated with our lack of progress in the toddler talking department.  I’ve been practicing our five words that the speech pathologist gave us, and have been getting nowhere.  At least, nowhere with toddler talking.

There have been other toddler communication improvements… just of the non-verbal variety.

1.) Norton has stopped throwing his sippy cup at me when he wants more milk.  He hands it to me now.  While the non-verbal communication is nice, it’s come at a price: he no longer (or at least, very rarely) says or signs “milk.” [Read more…]

Toddler Talking and Hope on the Horizon

It Takes Two to Talk

So, yeah.  Earlier this week, I worried about Norton’s lack of toddler talking.  I’d gotten some helpful things from It Takes Two to Talk, but it turns out that the book was more helpful than I’d thought.  While I did learn that part of the “problem” is with Norton’s communication style (he is very happy to play by himself and only starts an interaction when he wants something) and how I respond to it, and I got some ideas on how to work past it, I was still getting nervous about the lack of toddler talking.  I’d received more than one message through various mediums that maybe our toddler communication issues were a sign of something more serious… and while I didn’t think so, I did find the possibility to be worrisome. [Read more…]