Toddler Milestone – Norton’s First Dental Visit

Stock image from stock xchange

For a while now, I’d been trying to get this toddler milestone done.  The Northern Health Authority had said that the first dental visit should happen around one year.  The American Academy of Pediatrics had said two years.  My own dentist had said three years.  Ugh.  After some talking and doing, Norton had his first toddler dental visit today.

I’d had visions in my head of how this particular toddler milestone would work out.  Norton would be his sweetest and most charming self.  He’d sit in my lap in the chair while the husband surreptitiously snapped shots on my iPhone.  He’d smile and be fascinated when R, our hygienist, showed him the instruments.  Everything would be blissful, and we’d follow it up with a fun visit to the park.

Then there was how it really went.

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