Wordless Wednesday – Toddler Independence

Norton has become quite proficient at dressing himself.  Here’s Norton getting on his own pj’s!

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Promoting Toddler Independence with a Skip Hop Backpack

Norton modeling his Skip Hop Elephant backpack

Having two kids in diapers can mean carrying a lot of stuff, even if you pack light.  When I was just carrying stuff for one kid, I generally used a super tiny diaper bag, like a Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Clutch or a Jolly Jumper diaper bag that was about the size of one of those backpack purses that were popular in the ‘90’s.  That was with just one.

With two?  Well, between carrying clothes and burp cloths for Eudora (because that kid can puke a lot… I’ve gone through two cloth diaper burp cloths in one feeding from the baby barf), diapers, bottles, a sippy cup for Norton, some toys to keep Norton entertained (usually his bus or something else, plus maybe a ball if we’re going to the park), I’m carrying a huge diaper bag.  And maybe another bag at the same time.

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