Toddler Language Development of the Girly Kind

When it comes to toddler language development, Eudora never ceases to amaze me.  Maybe it’s because I have the struggles of Norton’s language delay fresh on my mind, but regardless, I’m going to take a moment to brag on La Princesa.Toddler Language Development of the Girly Kind

She amazes me.  Most mornings when I open her bedroom door, she’s still in bed but awake.  She smiles at me and says “Morning!”  Other days, she’ll run right past me and into the hallway calling out, “Daddy!” in her sweet little voice.

I’m sure that some of what makes her amazing is that I’ve never had a little girl, let alone one who is so sweet natured.  Over the weekend, she tried to close her door… and the door hit her daddy’s foot in such a painful way that I thought my husband was going to collapse.  (I’ve done the same thing to myself.  I cried and swore like a sailor because that hurt.)  She just looked up at him with such concern and said, “I sowwy.”

I tried to tell her that it was all right, and so did her daddy.  Eudora wasn’t convinced.  I figured I’d distract her with some love, cuddles, and tickles… but she pushed me away and ordered “Stop it!”  She turned her attention back to her daddy’s hurt foot, walked over, and kissed his sock covered heel.  “It’s okay,” she said, patting his foot.

I think the sheer sweetness of it all was enough to help the husband feel better.  I’m just amazed at how toddler language development is progressing with her.  She’s using her words to express what she wants and to show affection and concern.  In a word, it’s simply amazing.

There are days when I feel so lucky to be Eudora’s mommy.  Those days are getting more frequent as her toddler language development continues to showcase her sweetness.

Toddler Language Development – Letters Mean Things!

I was pretty impressed when Norton taught himself the alphabet… especially considering Norton is behind in toddler language development in general.  I knew that it wasn’t an intelligence thing; the kid gets everything.  He just doesn’t do that great of a job of verbalizing things.  Not long ago, I wondered where I should go next in terms of toddler language development in order to encourage early reading.

I thought for sure that the next step would be phonics: teaching him that letters have specific sounds.

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