Why I Use a Toddler Leash – Hot Topic Tuesday

A whole lot of people criticize the toddler leash.  It’s okay; I totally understand why they aren’t fans of it.  A favorite reason for criticizing the toddler leash is that children are not dogs.  The husband bought our son a toddler leash when he was smaller, but we haven’t really used it much.

Now, though, I use that toddler leash any time we go somewhere that doesn’t have a shopping cart and isn’t particularly stroller friendly.

Hang on.  Before you decide that I must be too lazy to watch my kid or something, allow me to remind you of a little story.  Last month, Norton tried to take off in the library.  I was holding his hand.  He got hurt.  And we ended up spending hours in the hospital getting x-rays since he couldn’t use his arm at all.  That was when I found out about nursemaid’s elbow. [Read more…]