Toddler Nutrition – When Good Eating Goes Bad

I do my best to ensure that Norton has proper toddler nutrition.  I make sure he eats things with vegetables in them.  Sometimes it’s hidden vegetables so that I know he’ll get them down.  I figure that the method of delivery isn’t necessarily the most important part of toddler nutrition.  His knowledge of the veggies isn’t really important.

Norton’s self-feeding skills are often impressive.  I’ve seen him eat soup without getting any on himself.

Of course, I’ve also seen him decide that he didn’t want to eat his soup and smear in his hair instead.

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Toddler Nutrition Victory!

Toddlers are notoriously picky and changeable little creatures.  It can be difficult to manage toddler nutrition, particularly if you’re fortunate enough to have a little tyrant who has decided that only one particular food is all that he’ll eat.  With that in mind, I just had to share what I consider to be a toddler nutrition victory with Norton.

While I was at the doctor with Eudora after Norton stepped on her, the husband was outside in our van with Norton.  It got hot, so they went to the nearby convenience store for a cool treat.  The husband got an ice cream, and he was prepared to deal with the mess from letting Norton also enjoy a sugary treat.  Norton, however, saw grapes in the cooler.

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