Toddler Potty Training + Restaurant = Parenting FAIL

I get the trials and tribulations of toddler potty training.  It’s been an ongoing issue, and I’m only thinking that we’re finally at the point where we’re making some progress.  However, most responsible parents realize that there’s a time and a place for toddler potty training.

The key word here is “most.”

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Toddler Potty Training Progress

I’ve been scratching my head over toddler potty training. I mean, seriously, I know that they are eventually supposed to stop wearing diapers and be proficient at using the toilet. But what do you do to get it to happen?

I’ve tried a few different things with toddler potty training. We got some awesome Charlie Banana swim diapers, which are commonly used as training pants. We’ve watched Elmo’s Potty Time so many times that I’ve decided I need a drinking game to go along with it. We let Norton pick out his new potty after our potty training was derailed by a painful incident with sitting on our Baby Bjorn potty. Those hadn’t been the magic bullet that I was hoping for. (He loves his underwear and even says the word, but still wets them. I don’t drink, but I’m considering taking a Jello shot every time Elmo says “potty.” And his new potty chair was more of an interesting engineering experiment: he’d take it apart to figure out how it worked instead of using the singing or stickers as a reward thing. He wouldn’t actually sit on it. That wasn’t interesting at all.)

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Toddler Potty Training Mishap Derails It All

Potty – 1, Norton – 0

We were charging ahead with casual toddler potty training.  Nothing huge or anything… just putting Norton in his underwear when I decided that I wasn’t in the mood to fight, and getting him to sit on the potty every little bit.  You know, maybe every twenty or thirty minutes, I’d make a bit of toddler potty training effort and see about getting Norton to sit on his potty.  (Or “poppy” as he calls it.  At least he’s stopped calling it a puppy.)

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