Toddler Bonding through Song

Norton and I have had a variety of toddler bonding experiences.  Sometimes it’s over finger paints.  Other times it’s over Legos or pumpkin Rice Krispy treats.  One thing that our toddler bonding experiences seldom involve is song.

I’m guessing that Norton has a terribly sensitive sense of pitch or something.  When I sing or do anything vaguely sing-songy, he screeches at me.  I gave up on singing my children to sleep ages ago.  I still don’t have a lot of success with anything resembling singing, but there’s this one little thing that I managed to do once, and now Norton loves it.

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Toddler Behavior, 911, and How Norton Got an iPod Touch

Norton playing with my phone… before he called 911. *facepalm*

We all know that toddler behavior is a changeable thing that can vary from moment to moment.  We try to encourage the happy toddler behavior and quash the tantrums as much as possible, but sometimes things happen.

Lately, Norton has been playing with my iPhone a lot.  I don’t mind; I put toddler apps on my phone just for that reason.  It keeps him occupied in the grocery store and other places that I’d rather not deal with a toddler screaming.  It sometimes causes problems, like when Norton says “pway gay” (or “play game”), he automatically thinks he should get my phone… regardless of what I’m doing with it.  On the whole, though, it solves less problems than it causes.

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Toddler Injury Becomes the Focus of Mom’s Appointment

After we got home from our disaster trip to the library, I put Norton to bed to try to decompress.  I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon with my family doctor to be referred to a new OB/Gyn (you know, since my first attempt at prenatal care was such a massive fail).  I figured it would be a brief “go in, get referred, and leave.”  A toddler injury wasn’t even on the radar when I booked that appointment a week ago.  Our “quick visit” actually ran long due to my doctor’s attention to the as of yet undetermined toddler injury.

It’s funny how those things work out.  This isn’t the first time that someone in our family has booked an appointment, only to find that someone else in the household needed that appointment more by the time it arrived. [Read more…]