Sibling Bonding – Norton’s a Good Big Brother

Most parents worry about having a new baby.  How will the older child adapt?  How will I divide my attention?  I’m no different.  It turns out that, well, aside from some brief issues with toddler separation anxiety, I was worrying about nothing on the sibling bonding front.  It looks like sibling bonding is going very well… and it helps that Norton is such a very good big brother to Eudora.

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Toddler Behavior and Getting Over Separation Anxiety

I’m pleased to announce that a troubling toddler behavior that Norton had displayed is done.  He seems to have recovered from the trauma of becoming a big brother.

You see, when Eudora was born, I was in the hospital for several days after having a c-section.  After we got out, the husband and I were sick for days with some kind of stomach thing.  While I was in the hospital and the husband and I were ill, Norton stayed with Grandma and Grumpy.  This, of course, had an impact on his toddler behavior since he’d never been away from us for so long.

The most troubling manifestation of this newly developed toddler separation anxiety was when we’d drop him off for his toddler language delay play group.  The screaming when we’d left him behind was something awful.  I felt horrid when the speech pathologist running the group had to pry him off of me so that I could leave.  I’d hear his screams echoing as I left.

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