Counting Toddler Success

I was more than amazed when Norton taught himself the alphabet.  Since I was all about getting him to use more words in order to beat that toddler language delay, that wasn’t a toddler success that was even on my radar.  However, Norton’s showing me that he’s more than capable of surprising me with the things that he’s been able to pick up when I’m not particularly paying great attention.  His toddler success stories go beyond the alphabet.  He’s also taught himself numbers and counting.

He’d learned to recognize the numbers one through ten through his alphabet bus toy.  Even still, though, I figured it was just recognition of numbers, not an outright understanding of counting.  It shocked the heck out of me when he started counting along with the Count on Sesame Street.  I wanted to see if he was just repeating the Count or if he actually knew the numbers, so I asked him to come help me put Eudora’s diapers away.

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