Dry Bottoms and Taking Baby Diapers for Granted

I’ve had financial difficulties in my life.  I grew up with feast or famine as a child, and learned to shop for groceries like we never knew when we’d be short on cash.  Buy in bulk, buy when it’s on sale, and buy a lot.  As an adult, I’ve carried that over to staples like baby diapers and formula.  Only once in my entire life as a parent have I ever had to make an emergency trip to the store for formula, and that was because Eudora was changing formulas and we were trying to find something that worked.  I’ve never, ever had to make an emergency trip for baby diapers.

Sure, part of the reason for not needing to make an emergency trip for baby diapers is because we are using cloth diapers.  But even with Andy, I still never had to make an emergency trip for diapers.  There was this view that if you ran out of certain things, it was due to lack of organization.

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Diaper Bag Contents – Packing Light with Cloth Diapers

I don’t need to carry the kitchen sink when we go out.

I love chatting with other moms about diaper bag contents.  Sometimes I’m just amazed by the amount of things that moms pack.  Other times, I’m almost a little smug because my diaper bag contents are quite minimal.

When Norton was first born, my diaper bag contents were ridiculous.  We used disposable diapers on the go because there was so much to carry already that I didn’t want to add fooling with using cloth diapers to the pile.  I carried outfits, diapers, toys, burp cloths, wipes, scented bags for disposing of Norton’s diapers, baby powder, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, pacifiers, receiving blankets, bottles, and more.  Getting ready to leave the house with a baby required the same level of preparation as taking a family vacation.

It was ridiculous.  I never used the vast majority of those things.  Why on earth was I carrying so much in such a huge bag?

I didn’t make the same mistake with Eudora.  In fact, even with using cloth diapers on the go, I can still pack extremely light.  For a trip to my in-laws’, I can still get away with a small backpack roughly the same size as Norton’s Skip Hop backpack.  In fact, I’m thinking about getting a girly Skip Hop backpack to carry Eudora’s things because it’s just so much more fun.

Here’s what I carry for Eudora for an expected three hour trip to Grandma and Grumpy’s house:

*3 cloth diapers
*1 wet bag
*1 travel case of disposable wipes
*1 travel size bottle of baby powder
*1 changing pad
*2 changes of clothes
*3 receiving blankets and/or burp cloths
*2 bottles
*2 cans of Alimentum ready to drink formula
*a couple of toys

If Grandma is baby-sitting for a few hours, I pack three or four disposable diapers and leave the cloth diapers at home.

That’s it.  And it fits in one little tiny diaper bag, plus there’s room for my Coke Zero, my iPhone, and my tablet.  If she were less inclined to throw up constantly, then I could probably get away with packing even less.  It may sound like I under pack, but I’ve never been caught without enough supplies for a trip out.

Norton carries his own things to his Grandma and Grumpy’s in his Skip Hop backpack.  That’s only because he always brings a couple of toys, his iPod, a sippy cup, and his Pillow.

What do your diaper bag contents look like?

Getting Brave with Using Cloth Diapers – An Overnight Sensation

I’ve finally done it.  I’ve taken a bold new step in using cloth diapers with Eudora.  When I’d attempted this method of using cloth diapers with Norton, it was, more often than not, a failure.  With Eudora, I’ve had much more success.

I’m using cloth diapers overnight.

I’m finding that it’s much more successful with Eudora.  You see, I very seldom had a wet bed with her in her disposable diapers, and that’s with her sleeping nine to thirteen hours at a stretch.  The rare occasions that I did find a wet bed in the morning was because she’s just so darned skinny and has such a high rise.  She sort of manages to wiggle out of the disposable.  I find my precious baby girl sporting a plumber’s crack under her sleeper.

Since disposables don’t seem to fit my skinny girl all that well, and she’s not the heavy wetter that her big brother is, I gave my BumGenius Freetime a shot.  When I got her up in the morning, the diaper was saturated… but the bed was not.  Nor were her pajamas or swaddle.  I’d had some overnight cloth diapering success.

I only have two BumGenius Freetime diapers in my stash, so I decided to give a chance to the other diaper that I thought might manage.  After all, this combination had an occasional success with Norton, and that kid pees like a faucet… especially at night.  I used a Tots Bots Easy Fit diaper with an added bamboo insert.  It also worked.

So, now I have three overnight cloth diapering solutions with Eudora.  I’m thrilled.  This is something that I’d been terrified of trying due to the repeated failures that I’ve had with my boy.  At this rate, I may be able to limit the use of any and all disposable diapers to when Grandma Kitty and Grumpy Red are baby-sitting.  That would be completely and totally awesome.  It’s my fervent hope that Eudora outgrows the massive box of size two Huggies diapers we bought from Costco long before we run out.

Are you using cloth diapers overnight?  What’s your magic solution?

Get GroVia Diapers for a Steal!

Norton modeling GroVia in kiwi

I’ve been a fan of GroVia hybrids for quite some time.  The all-in-two ability to reuse the shell makes using cloth diapers less expensive, and the design is super easy to use.  (Here’s a demo video!)

Today, you can get GroVia diapers at an amazing price at BabySteals.  Stop by and build up your cloth diaper stash today!

What I’ve Learned about Buying Cloth Diapers

I love cloth diapers.  I have a minor cloth diaper addiction.  Buying cloth diapers is just plain fun.  But now, I’m at the point where it’s time to start destashing a bit.  There’s no reason in the world for me to have over 80 cloth diapers.  Right now, I can have a load of cloth diapers in the wash, another basket already washed that’s waiting to be folded, and still have enough cloth diapers to hold me over for a couple of days.  Of course, with my addiction (and thanks, Kerri at Cozy Bums, for enabling me!) comes a lot of experience with buying cloth diapers.

As soon as you start looking at cloth diapers, you realize that there are millions upon millions of options.  Okay, maybe not literally millions, but there are certainly more brands, types, and patterns of cloth diapers than one can ever reasonably use.  So, here are the conclusions that I’ve come to:

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Hot Topic Tuesday – Baby Butt Covers

Whether you’re into crunchy parenting or convenient parenting, there’s one thing that the majority of Western parents agree on: we use something to cover our baby’s butts.  But what kind of butt covering we use can be the subject of controversy or outright hostility.  When it comes to using cloth diapers versus disposables, everyone has an opinion.  Of course, if you’ve read my blog here or on What to Expect, you’re probably aware that I’m a big fan of using cloth diapers.

There are quite a few reasons that we decided on using cloth diapers: 1.) long term cost effectiveness, 2.) reduction of landfill waste, and 3.) darned cute! [Read more…]

Looking back: Considering Using Cloth Diapers

My cloth diaper stash… I’ve bought more diapers since then

I’ve been spending time lately moving my blogs from a community website I used to blog for.  I don’t do anything there anymore, and I don’t want my stuff to magically disappear.  I mean, these are my memories and my experiences, and I’m not going to lose them.  Today I came across a post that I wrote in July of 2009.  It was when I came across the idea of elimination communication and was amazed… and that was when the idea of using cloth diapers came up.  Before July 2009, using cloth diapers had never occurred to me.  Of course, my mother was using cloth diapers on me when I was a baby because I was allergic to disposables, but the pins and the leaking just seemed… Well, here’s some of the original post: [Read more…]

Toddler Diaper Rash Help and a Happy Heiny – GP#17-18

I know that I have things to be grateful for.  And darn it if I’m not so busy enjoying those things that I’m spending more time being happy than writing about it.

Day 17  – Once again, I’m grateful for our medical system.  Norton has been dealing with a nasty diaper rash, and it’s not a typical toddler diaper rash.  It started out irritated from the acidity of his poo, which was just icky for a couple of days.  And then I never could get that toddler diaper rash to ease up.  Since we’ve been mainly using cloth diapers pretty much since Norton’s birth, any time he’s had some sort of redness on his bum it’s cleared up within a day or two, and it’s never been the kind of rashes that my friends have spoken of.  But this was a whole different beast of a toddler diaper rash.  I used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on it, and it helped, but didn’t completely nuke the rash.  (I used a flushable liner in the diapers so the cream wouldn’t get on the cloth diaper; Butt Paste may be great for diaper rashes, but it’s not really meant to go with using cloth diapers.)  Then I started trying good old fashioned baby powder.  That helped, but it didn’t make it all go away. [Read more…]

Approaching Crunchy Parenting – Me? Really?

I always scoffed at crunchy parenting.  I mean, sure, if crunchy parenting is your bag, no problem, but I never, ever considered myself to be even remotely crunchy.  I’m noticing, though, as I get older, I seem to lean more towards crunchy parenting than I had ever thought possible. [Read more…]

My Ginormous Cloth Diaper Stash – Gratitude Project Day 9

I have an outrageously huge cloth diaper stash.  I’m okay with having an enormous cloth diaper stash.  In fact, I’m quite grateful for the size of said stash today.

You see, I only have one kid in diapers.  However, I’m not sure at this point how many diapers I have.  I think it’s somewhere around fifty.  I got experimental about a year ago, so I started picking up a few diapers here and there based mainly on color and cuteness.  And only two of those diapers were lousy.  (Fortunately, they were really cheap, but I’m passing them on to a friend that I convinced to start using cloth diapers.  She needs a bigger cloth diaper stash than what she’s got since she has two in diapers.)

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