Mommy Blogger Vaccination Challenge

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen (or at least heard) about Samantha Bee’s anti-vaccination truthers bit on The Daily Show.  The case for anti-vaccination is made by a crunchy mommy blogger.  Rather than attributing the reduction or eradication of diseases to prevention through vaccination, she suggests that it’s better sanitation… like the fact that there are no longer horse feces in the middle of the streets.

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Parenting Rights and Vaccination – Where do they end? Or begin?

I’m extremely pro-vaccination.  I make no secret of that and no apologies for that.  I’m also a believer in parenting as one chooses.  But right now, I’m in a quandary.  My pro-vaccination stance and my belief in parenting rights are at odds.

Because so many are exercising their parenting rights to keep their children in a way that I consider to be risky due to my pro-vaccination stance, I’m forced to wonder where your parenting rights end and mine begin.  The old saying is that “your rights end where his nose begins.”  Does that mean your parenting rights end where mine begin? [Read more…]

Why Child Vaccinations Are Important

There are a lot of different reasons why people do or don’t choose to participate in child vaccinations.  I’m not here to criticize them or bring up any logical fallacies.  I’m giving my opinions on child vaccinations, and maybe a little bit of factual information sprinkled in.

That being said, think about what you learned in history class.  Think back to that time before child vaccinations.  I grew up hearing stories of loss due to childhood illnesses that are largely eradicated.  Before the days of the dtap shot, my grandmother (who, if she were still living, would be a great great grandmother today) grew up.  It was the Great Depression. [Read more…]