Cupcake Covers Wet Bag Review

Wet bag by Cupcake Covers

I love matching cloth diapers to outfits.  Recently, I’ve also discovered that I love matching wet bags to diaper bags, too.  Actually, the idea of a matching wet bag has always interested me, but the big name companies that I typically stick with don’t really have anything that actually matches what I carry.

This is when I found the joy of Etsy shops… and Cupcake Covers in particular.  For Eudora, I have a small toddler monkey backpack.  It’s perfect.  It matches her nursery, it matches the fun that we like to have, and Norton thinks it’s cool, too.  Plus, it’s small and holds everything we need for a trip out.  Cupcake Covers recently sent me a travel size wet bag that is absolutely perfect.   It’s pink.  It has happy monkeys.  It goes so well with our stuff!

You know what’s even better?  It works.  I put it to the test when I went to my in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving dinner last week.  It held both kids’ wet diapers from the trip.  It contained the smell.  What makes the smell containment factor even better is that I forgot to put the wet diapers in the wash with the rest of them that night.  They stayed in the wet bag for an additional two days.  The smell and wet were still contained.

When I washed my Cupcake Covers wet bag, I was even happier.  The bag rinsed cleanly (no leftover soap residue) and dried quickly.  I left it to air dry with my diaper shells on my drying rack overnight.  In the morning, it was dry, but I put it in the dryer for 10 minutes on fluff with my shells to get rid of any residual dampness.  (My laundry room is in the basement.)

The wet bag has a design that I like: it closes with a zipper and has a handle.  The handle is awesome because if it became too full to fit in my little tiny toddler backpack, I can go ahead and attach it to the handle on the backpack with my mommy hook.  This makes the matching factor even more awesome.  As for size, I can easily fit five diapers in the bag.  I could probably stuff six or seven if I wanted to actually put some effort into it.

Cupcake Covers makes more than just wet bags, though.  Stop the Cupcake Covers Etsy shop and check out her shop full of reusable wipes, unpaper towels, diaper clutches, nursing pads and more.  You can also keep up with her stocking updates by following Cupcake Covers on Facebook.

Disclosure: I did receive review items for free, but this in no way affected my review.  All opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.