What’s in My Stash?

Since I admit to being a cloth diaper addict, it’s only fair that I let you know what’s in my stash for me to consider myself to be an addict.

I’m not 100% certain what’s in my stash anymore.  Plus, I keep buying more because I have zero self-control.  I think this is what’s currently in my stash, but it’s entirely possible that I’ve forgotten some things.

24 Fuzzi Bunz

11 BumGenius 4.0

19 Best Bottom shells, 18 medium inserts, 2 medium doublers, 1 medium hemp, 1 medium overnight, 7 large inserts, 1 large overnight hemp insert, and 1 large microfiber overnight insert

6 Fuzzi Bunz Elite

6 Charlie Banana swim diaper trainers

4 Blueberries

4 JC Trade pockets

3 Glow Bug

6 Sunbaby

6 Applecheeks

4 Flips Covers, 19 stay dry inserts, and 1 organic insert

1 Tots Bots Easy Fit

4 Best Bottom trainers and 12 inserts

3 Thirsties Duo Pockets

2 Rumparooz

1 Blueberry Coveralls

1 2013 FuzziBunz Elite

1 Blueberry trainer

1 Itti Bitti d’Lish

1 Itti Bitti Tutto

1 Knickernappies

1 Baby Kicks

2 Charlie Banana

1 Little Beetle one size organic fitted

1 GroVia bamboo prefold

1 Sweet Pea cover

1 Happy Heinys

1 Flip Trainer

1 Swaddlebees Capri w/ two inserts

1 Diapers by Chris AI2

1 Diapers by Chris pocket

1 Funky Fluff

1 Bottombumpers

1 Alva Baby

1 Peachy Green

1 Kissaluvs wool cover

1 BB Butts AIO


1 Chelory

Diapers I’ve Destashed
There wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with these diapers.  But when you’ve got this many, there’s no need to keep something that’s not 100% what you’re out for.

6 Bummis prefolds (Eudora was outgrowing them and I have too many diapers, really)
3 Bummis covers
2 Bumboo (too complicated for the husband, and I intended to use them for bedtime… which he handles)
4 Tots Bots Easy Fit
2 Happy Heinys (husband was confused by the 8 snap configuration… too many snaps and too long to figure out where they should be set)
3 Rumparooz
2 Glow Bug (they just aren’t getting the love that they deserve)
2 Blueberry (Norton is housebroken)

3 JC Trade
1 Thirsties (sold because it’s Velcro, and my toddler takes off velcro diapers)

1 GroVia Kiwi Pie fitted
1 Duca Duca (just not what I wanted)
1 Bum Cheeks (didn’t work for us)
1 BumGenius Elemental (a snap broke off and I didn’t know how to fix it at the time)
1 Fuzzi Bunz (I have lots)
3 GroVia hybrid and 5 inserts
1 Swaddlebees Simplex One Size All-in-One (didn’t care for the fit)
1 Bummis cover
1 Baby Kanga
1 Blueberry Coveralls
1 JC Trade
2 FuzziBunz Elite

1 Cutie Pie

1 Blueberry fitted

1 Go Green

Diapers I’ve Donated

Whenever I get a diaper donated to me for review, I donate either that diaper or another to Cloth for a Cause.  So far I’ve donated:

3 Bummis prefold and one Bummis cover


1 FuzziBunz

1 GroVia all-in-one

1 Go Green

1 BumGenius Elemental

1 Bummis Cover

1 Tushie Ties prefold

1 JC Trade

1 TotsBots Easy Fit

Diapers I’ve Given Away

3 Happy Heinys

3 BumGenius 4.0

3 GroVia hybrids

2 AppleCheeks

2 Blueberry Coveralls

1 GroVia AIO

1 FuzziBunz

1 Best Bottom