Random Toddler Weirdness

Random toddler behavior can be so… well, weird.  Lately, toddler snacking has gotten out of control.  Norton hasn’t even been liberated from his room some mornings before he starts demanding granola bars.  On this lazy Sunday morning, my husband managed to accidentally nip the toddler snacking monster in the bud.

We went to Costco yesterday, like we do most weeks.  We bought a big box of granola bars.  I’d failed to put away all of the groceries, so Norton picked up the big box of granola bars and carried it to his daddy.  He put the box on the husband’s knee and said, “Granola!” (Or at least, his pronunciation of granola, which is so garbled that I can’t even type it.)

The husband turned the box around and around in his hands and said, “What makes you think that this box is granola?”  Norton is silent, but still looking at his dad expectantly.  “What makes you so certain that this is granola?  It could be socks for all you know.”

“Socks!”  Norton turned around and ran off to his room.

“No longer interested.  Not quite what I had in mind…”  Whatever.  The husband went back to reading the news on his iPad.  All was quiet and peaceful.

Until Norton ran out of his room with a pair of socks in his hand.  “Socks!”

The husband patiently put Norton’s socks on for him.  Then he gave him a granola bar.

I live in the weirdest house on earth.

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